The winner of the opening season of the Innovation League, London Spokesperson, perhaps in California, Burzbin, could have all his major season matches in the field of Berbedd, but he still has considered the following, including the English ‘ The final, unclassified ‘it’ will be ‘In’, including adopting incoming home messages, as it will go October October for two weeks on October.

Houston Outlets are also making a look as part of ‘Gilded Gala’ which will face both the teams in a show match. It seems like this will be an all-star-an event focused on real competition, though, Spitfire will be explained with the website: “This event will offer three to four star players of Spitfire and Outdoors. In unique and fun game modes, such as 1v1s, mysterious heroes, fan fans and more. ”

The spat fire has announced that they want to see a celebration on the occasion of a London tour, and it will be the first time the links of the fans of the link to the team see anywhere more than Tokyo. Got an opportunity to do

Although the League wants to move in a form of travel that runs teams in their cities by 2020, its description remains dangerous. For now, events like these are being organized by teams themselves. In this case, the efforts resulted in Spitfire’s general manager, Susi Kim, who is searching for more clubs in the United Kingdom to meet more fans.

During the season session, similar events have been organized during the time of the session of the California Cup. It is between San Francisco Shock and Los Angeles Wardor (and the other ex-Los Angeles Team, Gladiators) are not included.

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Tickets for show-matches, which are in the Olympic Park, are now available for sale, though I suspect they can sell soon. The legendary leg of Glad Gala will be in January 2019.


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