How has the social media platform changed to people? Now it’s a normal way to find a common social gathering that has fallen on its phones. While social media has got better connectivity than it, it has changed how people interact. Many brands are using platforms to promote brand exhibit and increase their sales.

However, social media has also affected the community negatively. They are people when people go for a lot of dates, or meet new events in the libraries. Today, people do not have time to improve each other because almost everyone focuses on their phones.

This article examines the ways that social media has influenced the socially negative impact:

Depression and social concern

If you spend many hours online, you can face negative mood and social concern. Social media promotes the comparison where you follow those who are better than you. Social media is addictive as a addictive and helps to take part in depression issues. It is reported that social media is becoming more addictive than the cigarettes or wines. If you can not live your social media pages regularly without checking for one hour, you can be tagged to social media.

Many social media users will be filled with fear and even in depression, if their favorite social media accounts are closed forever. There is a lot of addiction to social media, therefore, one reason is that people do not want to come out. They want to participate in the crowd and take part. Fear of disappearing only worsens your social concern. It concerns because you always make people more fun than you.

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Cyber bullying

Cyberbolging is actually when it comes to social media. For a long time, negligence was often associated with horrible and other small students of terrorism. With social media, negligence takes a new look. You can not see this person because you have fake accounts and will be anonymous. Victims of the victims have increased online; it reaches pedophiles in search of young children. In the worst case scenario we have seen suicide bombings to the victims of cyberbuling. As a parent, it is important that people should be monitored online. Maximum cyber biles start by making confidence with the victims, and then they can enter them to play the game.

Expected real life

Social media has a negative effect on promoting real life expectations. Many populations online follow social media addict online. They are hooked with the lives of those pop stars. It does not realize how far the online has been committed to reality. Many people do not get negative effects but put pictures that put them in good light.

Fear in self esteem

When we constantly stock our favorite people online, our self-esteem happens at stake. Many people do not realize that people who post on the promotion or facebook are often often seen and only positive. Life is both good and bad times; When you compare your life with others, your self-esteem will be affected. A study conducted by the Copenhagen University, which affects people with Facebook envy. He was asked to avoid Facebook for a week, and many participants said he felt satisfied with his life after resting. Social media affects people negatively, because of which it depends on their basis that how we are doing compared to others. We do not know what kind of happiness is beyond our control.

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Lack of human connection

It has become common that many young people are more concerned with each other than social media platforms, such as people oppose the real conversation with people. Fear of being left causes you social concern when you see people in a community fun, only you realize that you were not invited. They are people when people meet in the park and interact with them. Relationships and weddings increase due to the lack of human connection where the combined face spend more time online than the face.

Bad memorandum

Social media has already remembered us in life, and it spoils our present life. For example, you’ve been on this wonderful beach, rather than enjoying the best picture to share with your attention online friends. We do not live at this time. Instead of creating more and more things we are more concerned about how people will understand their leisure moments. It also leads to situations where we are facing challenges in our lives, but we choose the last good moments. This leads to a lot of people lying away from the truth.

Lack of sleep

Due to a good night sleep, it is important for our body’s normal work. When we sleep, our bodies rest and repair themselves. If you need a deep sleep back on the following day, you need to keep away from any problem. Social media prevents us from the best sleep. If you are sleeping while checking the posts of others at any time, your sleep will be interrupted. Our minds are also active if we go to sleep because we have filled our minds completely with other people. It also increases our social concern. It is also mentioned that the blue night that comes out of the phone gives pressress melatonin which helps us when it helps us.

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While social media is here to stay, we should be aware that we spend on various social media sites. When you watch your connection continuously for every minute, you become an addict. Social media has changed how people talk. When we always compare our lives with others, we promote social concern, and also reduce our self-esteem. Social media has also participated in emotional, obesity and depression emotions. This is because you focus on the feelings of thousands of people. If you have depression set, you spend social media for a while.


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