After leaving a job in a pharmaceutical company to become a “sports teacher” for more than a decade, Walzzer admits that his economy is on the “sports” sale. (“Game” is the word that he uses to describe his muscle norm.)

His blogs and books, which he says, publishes for “heroes, funny men”, speaks lies with sexually aggressive behavior. They preach that “it does not matter – As far as yes, “offers a personalized proportion to how to treat women with men. In a book in 2011, they searched for a poisonous woman in Iceland.

“In America, she has sex with sex because she will not legally a8gree with her. In this case it was not helped that I was relatively appropriate, but I could say that I Did not care or hesitate. “” If a girl wants to go home with me, she is taking a dick, it does not matter how much she has targeted. ” In the same chapter, he described that he once again made his penis “jam” and “woman”. ”


Tech platforms such as Amazon, Twitter, and Youtube, have no constitutional responsibility to take all the approaches on their platforms. The first amendment is not restricted to the government’s powers, not of private companies. But tech platforms often refer to their free speeches to defend their white Supreme Court, contradictory forces and anti-right directions. And the 1996 law, the Communications Disassociate Act, the most user-generated content plate slope platforms, allows them to decide what kind of content they will allow on their sites. .

Platform companies get more money when they are more, racist or not, using their platforms. They have been made useful in reaching and reaching them and it is also difficult for victims of misconduct to avoid using their services. And platform companies are often more responsive than negative press coverage because they are users of complaints about abusive behavior. After reaching the Huff Post, Amazon was removed from his site to remove Walzada’s books.

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Walzzada still promotes books with her 40,000 followers on Twitter, with her racial, sexual, homophobic and anti-imperial ideas, in which she usually used to rape in 2015. Confirmed. Clearly and entertaining, Twitter rejects many of his events that have received his aggressive tweets. A Twitter reporter refused to comment on Valzada’s account, and instead huffed a tweet thread to why the Twitter Verification Program for the company is currently not “the top priority”.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admitted last week that the company needs “a complete reboot of our certification system,” although it will not be able to determine what will happen or the timeline. Dors and Facebook head operating officer, Sherry Sandbag, was invited to testify about the ‘moderate ways of material’ of his platforms before Congress.

YouTube, which is owned by Google, is also a valued promotion tool for Waleszada. (Google refused to send a representative to the previous week’s hearing.) Uses the platform to increase its book sales.

Videos said in a video August 1, “Last time I was promoting LiveStream on YouTube, you bought about 60 of it.” “This is my diet for the month, which was cool.”

YouTube has made a mistake directly with the help of valley finance: During the live broadcast, the “super-chat” feature of the YouTube audience earns money from the audience and according to the questions that Walzadaa Answer you. He lifted about $ 100 from a recent two-hour live voice.

Walzadaa will live on YouTube, where viewers can pay for the answers to their questions.
YouTube  Walzadaa will live on YouTube, where viewers can pay for the answers to their questions.Some fans, Walzzerah draw on Twitter and YouTube, donate money through free starter. FreeStart, which presents himself as “Absolute Independent Speech Guarantee,” did not respond to repeated requests of Huff Post’s comments.

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After Huffopist reached YouTube, the company eliminated a video from Wallacea’s channel to violate its hatred speech policy and banned his life for three months. Walzada is now a “strike” against his account. If the user receives three strikes within a three-month period, YouTube will terminate their channel.

Wellzada says he collects advertising revenue from his blogs, where he advocates to end the discomfort of women and encourages men to commit such crimes such as sexual recording with hidden cameras. Blogs Cloudflare, a Web Service Provider are retained by c


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