In a historic election that marked the withdrawal of Coback’s long-term discussion during Independence, the main center of the central center, Añir Kobe spread to power for the first time, because Liberal Liberal had performed its worst in the decades and Parsey Cobius decided the capital capital.

Although the voters showed the CAQ in almost a deadly heat with the election day chiefs, the majority came up with the government. 11 PM ET, led by CAQ leadership or 74 jumps, easily with 63% of popular votes, requires 63 to make majority. More than 32 out of 68 of the 68 constituencies held in the National Assembly of the provincial assembly, led by Election Corridor, 32 seats were led by Liberal.

The CAQ was started by Leader Francois Liguel in 2011, which will become the next Premierier Premierier – in 1968, broke a wire to transform the PSI-based independent and partial Kobeukos government governments. Monday’s election demonstrated an impression for the independent party. PPP leader Jean Francois Lucy lost his seat in Montreal with the left-handed power owner, in which the party failed to adopt 12 seats or failed to save 20 percent of the vote due to failing to adopt the buck soliaire. Officially offered to be deprived of. And 11 o’clock party is expected to hold nine seats with 17% of the vote. Spokesman Soliare, whose head co-spokesman Manin Mese and Gabriel Nayub Dobos increased their seats from three to 10, with 16% of her seats. The voters’ turnout was approximately 67%.

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League tonight gathered CAQ supporters in Kookak City on Friday. “Today there are many coaches who have left a discussion that is distributing us for 50 years. Today, many coaches have shown us that we can work together, even if we have yesterday If the opponents are tomorrow’s future as well. ”

The League directed its troops to succeed after the 3-day campaign, during which they demanded cobackers to get support as a candidate of change.

“Today, cobackers have hoped that the government hopes that a positive change will be brought,” he said.

“Tonight, we will celebrate the success, and then we will rest a few hours. But starting (Tuesday) we will pull our sleeves and we will work to make more work for all the coaches. ”

In a discount speech before Paris’s night, Coilard said “cobackers clearly point out their desire to change.” (LeTt) is now here to continue the development of Cubic. “Coilard instantly Did not resign, but said he would take a few days to consider his future.

Allied Two Cubic leaders and former election franchise Leagues celebrated October 1, 2018 with supporters after winning the Quebec provincial elections in Quebec City. Rain Remarks / Canada Press
Since the independence of Kobeec in power since 2003, with the exception of a short residential PQ government between 2012, 2012.

“We made the foundation for making Kobech more prosperous, more fair and more environmentally friendly,” Cloverard said. “Believe me, I left Coback and left in a better state.”

Lisa resigned during his speech speech and said that the loss of his seat has sealed his fate. But he insisted that PQ is the future. “Tonight is a shock, yes. But we are high, straight standing, because Cubic still needs Parsey Coboks,” he said. “As long as there is a fight, as long as judicial, equality, environment, secularism and leadership of French, then the Cubic Party will need a bucket, unless Coback is in the country unless Cooback Parsi will need Kobeukos.”

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Campaign freedom was the first to be at least half a century compared to the long run question. A promise from Parsi Kubokoz does not want to be a referendum in its first term, if the selected coaches have made the opportunity to vote in the immigration, health care, education and economy stage stage with new political lines.

The CAQ was an initial lead in the election, a former executive of the former airport and the PQ Cabinet says they have ruled out – the promise of self-change candidate and “the key to the economy,” more money What is it. Back in cabinets’ wallets. But the party leadership was reduced during the campaign because they were critically criticized against the contradictory promise to migrate, who examined a French language and Quebec examination three years later.

Regarding his success, the issue of league immigration was presented to resolve: “I want to government for every coachers.”

Quellard began his government’s economic performance campaign – Freedom has succeeded in bringing Cooback’s high debts since 2014, after the Quillard’s election, in the position of a budget increase for the last three years. But Coilard also touched a party’s weight in the last 15 years and was dangerous by corrupt scandals, under former minister Jane Chernast.

And as the PJ was struggling to find without the traditional pillar of the traditional pillar of Cubic sovereignty, left-handed Quebec Soliere experienced a long-lasting campaign in the election.

Without focusing on the sovereignty, the Cubic politics still does not exist in the other country in the country according to the right-hand divide. Although the CAQ has promised to reduce the immigration level, for example, despite the conservative governments across the country, plan to determine federal government’s carbon pricing, pricing caps and trade carbon pricing Cross-party support for system. There is also wide support in the province’s subsidized directory program, the league promises flat rate of $ 8.05 a day instead of the current system, which charges more and more parents with greater income.

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The voters ultimately marked their balls on Monday during the anger of all four parties on the new trade agreement between Canada, the US and Mexico, ultimately on Monday night. In this agreement, American farmers will have access to Canadian Dairy Borders, who attack Cubic politicians supply management behavior, who benefit from the province’s profitable dairy industry. On Monday, Clovdard said he had notified the Prime Minister, Justin Toddo, with the “Cloak’s” deep disappointment “with a trade agreement.

“This agreement is a bad thing,” Leyey said. “When Canada chooses, it always opens Ontario and the rest of the country and always offers sacrifices.”


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