Parasaurus, a new simulation of Canada’s microstudio, was recently released on steam initial access to the players, because it’s a lightweight in the park of Dino management and theme park with a Geo-Sam ‘lake. Is a ramp.

Set-up players come back in time and collect dinosaur eggs, then come back in the future and make the dinosaur theme park so that their patterns get rid of a charming habit. Do not just tell any chaos!

In order to find practical details with the help of other devils, Gamers talked to Washington’s half and spoke to an experienced co-producer of Paraservorus, Chris McKenne, Gechemium. Dev Dur Box Box Studios.

He answered a few questions about the game we received, which is still about his design and intent through his initial access journey.

Making a smart nerd, not strictly serious

I do not think the right or wrong theme is to take a simulation game, and the choice you make depends on the type of developer that you are. We make one of the two studios, we are in a short time by things.

There was not any leader of a PPP which we have barred to follow so that we really allowed the Sammin to be more realistic.

In addition, we had a clear idea of ​​art-style for which we were going, and it was just to lend ourselves into a more spectacular and silly game of the game.

Isometric graphics or free look? Why not both

There are certainly professionals and ideas in the European perspective. Maybe it’s right to say that there are people who do not really like this style and others. We originally created only a Democratic approach for asparagus because it was our priority.

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This type of view really helps your game style be effective, for those people I like myself. Everything grid-based, connected, suitable length, etc.

Later in development, we started listening to a large part of our community who loved the way, but also artistic aspect behind making it beautiful scenes.

At the moment when we put it into “free cameras,” actually the players were implemented to make it easier to take screenshots. Our half-players built their entire park in an independent camera. The main problem for the free cameras is that it does not appear to be one of us!

The repair cycle of the traditional construction commander eliminated

There are many modern mechanics in our Persian class for fighting the game gameplay of similar old waterfall. Especially according to your questions, every building has the ability to add “fax” to customers when they shop there.

For example, you can add to the park, where guests park more than 10% of the parks. This time again the research has been conducted if you do so, choose to do so.

So, maybe you can feel that you want to move to the building before the park gate to make sure that the campaign is going to be distributed to distribute this guest leader. Guests who live longer pay more.

One of the main aspects of Parkosaurus is that the majority of your money generates not only buildings but also the quality of your exhibition. As the game is ready, your exhibition needs to be developed.

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For example, if you add more dinosaurs, you now need to come back to return your mass money-makers and improve them. It was as if you often see the ‘Build and Forget’ aspect to avoid the aspect.

Oh no, it is a violation of the content: Accidents randomly and training

Destruction is great, and people expect a game like Parkosaurus. And this game is also part of the selection for Paroras. The danger of breaking our Dino friends for us is not just for show, it’s an exciting choice for the player.

Do you spend your hire to increase the strong fence? Or do you constantly have more generators on staff to constantly stretch the hire?

Or you have every display with Dinosaur Solo, which means, average, fence can be less insight than dinosaurs? Or hack, maybe you just got a set of security and find out what you’ll do after dealing with this issue.

At the end of the day, the result of the damaged park is not high. Your generators can rebuild anything, and worst you can lose a day of profit and low park rating. Very cheap. It was done to ensure players could enjoy the destruction of their sandwich, but it might be able to get it fast.

The Jurassic World Continues Regarding Evolution

I am not going to say that when we heard the Jurassic World evolution, we were very happy when we started this year, but in the end of the day we both are in different League. They are a mass studio, and we stay away from two friends.

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The visual world made in the Jurassic World evolution was very impressive, and there was something in which we could never do so, we were also trying. What we can do, though, were trying new mechanics and ideas that were dangerous.

Mindically [your title is different by marketing] is very tough, and I’m not sure I handle it best. You can do everything focused on your game, and what’s different. Show people sluggish things that make your game unique.

If there is no difference in your game, you are in trouble, but hopefully not in this matter. And start the beginning, I can not emphasize it.

[Jeff Gold Bloom voice] “Could you come from such preference, did not stop thinking of what you should do?”
We make a little bit fun about the Jurassic park in the game – but it is part of Paraspores, and there is a chain of characters and the world that we did not have to pay too much attention.

But we are the other Easter eggs in the game for other things that are dear to our hearts, so keep your eyes open.


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