The Conservatives’ Vice President has agreed that the party’s newly selected London mayoral candidate “could and should” have made it clear that he did not sing the Hindus or Hindus singing when he wrote about the influence of multiculturalism.James Cleverly insisted Shaun Bailey was misunderstood, and that he was trying to say that because black boys learn more about their beliefs than “their own Christian culture”, they are more likely to get into crime.

Cleverly conceded that “what Shaun did wrong was that he could and should have been better at explaining that he was not blaming anyone” when 13 years ago published in British Muslims and Hindus in writing a paper writing.But Cleverly said Bailey would not be reprimanded and that he had the party’s full support to take on Labor’s Sadiq Khan for two years. “It was ridiculous to suggest that he was selected on anything else than the quality,” he said.The senior of Tory was defending Bailey a day after it emerged that the party’s mayoral candidate had a 2005 pamphlet entitled No Man’s Land in the Muslim and Hindu Londoners.You bring your kids to school and they learn more about Diwali than Christmas. I speak to the people who are from Brent and they have been Muslim and Hindi [sic] days off. What it does is rob UK of its community. Without our community, we slip into a crime-riddled cesspool, “Bailey wrote at the time.Tory London mayoral picks down fire for

remarks about Muslims and Hindus
Cleverly said that Bailey’s comments were “just an observation that when you have a people who do not have a sense of community, they are more likely to get into crime”, and said it was wrong to think that link to Britons from the two beliefs.”Conservative MP told BBC BBC that he was dealing with black boys of Christian heritage in London, and when they did not feel themselves a part of a community.”When they were learning about things they were personally had no ethnic or religious connection but not about their own ethnicity or region, they were without the community left and it was not a community that lacks a driver [to crime].”Bailey’s writing at the time, in a section in the Center for Policy Studies titled “multiculturalism”, made it clear that he believed that if the Christian community was in Christianity better if they were Christians.

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“There are many really good things about Britain as a place and British people as a body. But by removing the religion that British people generally take, by removing the ethics that usually go with it, we have allowed people to come to Britain and their culture, their country and any problems they may have, with them, “Bailey wrote. The Vice Chairman of the Conservatives has admitted that the “newly elected London” medal of the party can make clear that when they write about the effects of multi-cultural impact they do not speak outside of Muslims or Hindus. Were thereJames Safi insisted that Sean Bailey was mistaken, and she was trying to say, because black boys are trying to learn more about “other than their culture of Christianity”, they are trying to learn more The maximum crime was likely to grow.

It has been acknowledged by the Caliph that “What was wrong with the fact that writing a newspaper about adjusting British Muslims and Hindus 13 years ago when it was not blaming someone could have been better understood .But Safi said that Bailey will not be pursued and his party will be fully supported in two years’ time of Sadiq Khan of Labor. He said “it was funny that he was selected on anything other than quality.”Senior Tory had defended Bailey a day later that it showed that the Mirwais candidates of the party have not commented on the issue of “Landland” in 2005 about Muslim and Hindu Lincoln.”You can learn more about your kids and schoolgirls than Christmas. I talk to people who are from Buren and they stay away from the Muslim and Hindi days.” The British community returned. A. Without our community, we throw in a crime-rack, “Bailey wrote at this time.

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Tory Lankans burn fire for Muslims and Hindus
Be carefully that Bailey’s opinion is “just a suggestion that people who do not have a sense of community are likely to be in crime”, and said that the idea was wrong with two beliefs. To the British”She was working significantly with black herds of Christian heritage in West London, and when she did not feel like a community herself,” Kazakhstani BBC’s World One said in a statement. “”When they were learning about things, they did not have any ethnic or religious relationship, but they were not leaving their community about their own ethnic or region or society, and it was lack of community Was a driver


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