Just a few years back, the virtual reality (VR) finally was going to become an important feature in all our lives.

But this week on Tech Tent, we will ask that time of the VR industry is real and it is acknowledged that most people are not ready to spend time in a virtual world.

Like billions of dollars of Sony, Facebook’s OOCS division and HTC, the VR has been invested in VR, whose system was systematic, due to which the oil companies are likely to restore the fortunes.

But yet, the headset sale has proven to be disappointing and I have not yet told anyone about the VR game that they were playing last night – it appears that the revolution has to be postponed again.

But after the launch of a Finnish, refugees from Nokia have established that it’s a problem – virtual reality is not just enough. Warsjo has promoted human eye solutions to a high-end headset and is aimed at business users. This price will be between € 5,000 (Β£ 4,400) and € 10,000.

When Varjo team came into Tech Tent HQ, I got the demo and was impressed by the experience of experience. I was first shown to an artist’s studio where you could have almost painted soup and could breathe into the dust – it was captured by more than 2,000 images.

Then, I plane moved into more clear applications as a very real representation and training environment – because Varjo thinks we can radiate a plane.

Urho Konttori, one of the founders of the firm, tells us, “For today’s VR gaming, you are taking different worlds, not for practical purposes.”

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He said that many companies are trying to use the VR for training, but the fact that the headset is just a very small resolution, is therefore unsatisfactory, so people are bored soon.

We saw a Prototype – Varjo’s goal is to issue its headset by the end of the year and hope to be interested in automotive, airspace and artistic industries.

It is realistic to find out that even large companies will continue to race for similar high-resolution experiences but believe that Varjo has a head start and protects from the imaging: “We have everything we do. Hell has patented. ” A green

Still, Varjo and the vast VR industry have a lot to prove. As a fun new look, virtual reality has proved to be the introduction of users as 3 DVDs. Maybe 3d is a fate to find a profitable place in the home instead of printing.

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