Camping and back packing are great ways to turn off. It is great to enjoy the memorable camping, but the outer outdoors do not have to be difficult or angry. Dozens of hack camping and backup backup claim claims. We have set our favorite here that your peace and quiet have been guaranteed to include some peace.

1. Fetch fire sticks to avoid tiles

It is difficult to start a fire without assistance like movies are watching TVs. If you are having a difficult track during the day, you will not be able to light up the day to struggle with fire construction. This can be a tough task. Help yourself by packing some priests. They help to control the fire and make a long fire for the cost of wood. You may also try to pack some substances. Hand emperor, signals and tricks start-up are also ready for non-conventional assistance to start the fire. Just take something in the case.

2. Pack the solar panel to charge your devices

Make sure to bring solar panels to solar panels or back up on your camping and baking journey. When they do not find cell phone service in your wooden area, they can help maintain your mobile phone, iPad, E-book, and other electronic devices that are charged to enjoy the music. , Read, or leave for navigation on your way. Campsite.

The charging bag for a long charge during the day is easy. Often when you reach the campus, it may be as early as possible at night and the solar pack will not have time to charge, so there is no access to charging your devices. This hack will make it easy by night.

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3. Fill your cooler with frozen water jig

For the camping trip, the premiums run in the premium. Grab two gallon sizes, frozen them, then add them to your cooler before adding them to other essential foods. It kills two birds with a stone. First, it takes care of your drinking water requirements. Second it takes care of your icons’ needs. The ice should end up for a day or two and when it melts, you have to drink water. You will not have to take extra energy to take both ice and drinking water packages or worry about water.

4. Keep your sleeping bag easily and dry

If you have cold feet in the night, you tie some water on the campfire and use a canteen or bottle with hot water. At the bottom of your sleeping bag and throw some extra, dry clothes. Gold bags can depend on day conditions, and whatever you want is to go through the night. The hot water bottles will heat your feet and help dry clothes to help them.

5. Take Tripod

Whether a tripod for a smartphone tripod or DSLR, you will not regret taking your trip. It is hard to try to balance your device on a rock and you need to have a good group photo, trust me. You can often strapped out of your camping bag, so it’s not an extra trouble!


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