The winter cruises season has hit Qatar in Doha with the Boudicca drain in Doha already in Doha.

The season, which continues till April, is expected to be twice as much as the cruise ships in the 2017/18 season.

Ten ships out of 43 calling ships in Doha are demanding their calls.

And, with most calls from Megapips, this season is the largest still established for Qatar, bringing 140,000 visitors to the beaches of the country – almost triple arrivals last year.

Despite being the largest, this season will be the first witness to Qatar: At the same time in Doha Port, two megapixel arrivals – this event is five times a year.

Hassan al-Ibrahimi, chairman of the Qatar Tourism Authority’s office, commented: “It’s an exciting period of rapid development for Qatar’s cruise tourism sector, which will witness for the first time for the first time.

“We are pleased that our local partners are particularly involved in our efforts to develop services and products for cruise visitors.

“They are an ideal complement for our partnership with our international agencies and we are ready to continue to grow the growing number of diameter shores to enjoy the country’s pleasant winter season. . ”

He added: “These show the opportunities to develop stable and memorable experiences for developing investors, which strengthen the status of Qatar as a search center.”

QTA recently signed a deal with German Eddie Cruise and Italian Coast Cruise, in which collaboration with designing special promotion packages for Qatar and its passengers on winter trip programs of two companies. Was it

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As part of the deal, the luxury plane of AIDAprima and Costa Mediterranea is expected to visit Dohohar in their maidens this season.

Between these two, two cruises line Doho will reach a quarter of the passengers of this season.


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