Latest: Florida Governor says it’s too late to get out

Tacca, FLA (EP) – Storm Michael promoted strong as a race on Florida Bay, along with Florida’s Panhandal.

Predicts say that the intensity of deadly storm, destruction of wind and windfall is likely.

The National Horse Center Center in Miami says that the Storm 4 Storm has exceeded the maximum of 145 MW (230 kph) and is 13 miles per hour (20 km / h).

At 8am, Michael Panama was located near the southwest of the city 90 miles (145 km), along with storm storm force winds had already returned to the coast.

The hurricane center says fishing will be the first type of 4 flights to make the time for the Florida pandaline.


Latest: Turkish TV van shows off the black van

Istanbul (AP) – A private Turkish television channel near the country’s president overseen a black van later after the surveillance video of Consulate video and Consulate Khan’s missing author, Jamal Khugagi, who was found in Istanbul’s Saudi consulate.

The news channel broadcast on the video on December 24, that Dukokk was inside Black Mercedes Vito. The channel said Van van fired some 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) in the consulate house, where he was standing inside the garage.

Turkish authorities say last week in the consulate’s house was killed. Saudi Arabia has called the allegations as “unfounded”.

The United States did not respond to requests for comment on Wednesday.

Apple security

Elections choose to take part in the election security concerns

ATLANTA (AP) – A new survey shows that a lot of Americans are concerned that the system of nationwide elections can be dangerous for hackers in upcoming elections.

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There is no change in the 2016 presidential election’s first election security concerns, but there is a turn. Two years back, it was the Republic who had more concern over the integrity of the election. This year, it’s Democrat.

The Wednesday survey surveyed by the Chicago University Horse School of Public Policy and the Associate Press-NOCC Center for Public Affairs Research that the Democrats have rapidly spared about election security. Republicans have increased trust.

About 10 people in around 10 Americans find out that at least they are worried about the hacking possible.


UN-Halcy resignation

Despite the policies of the Hill, Heli became a UN embassy

UN (APP) – Nikki Haley came to the United States with his foreign policy experience, as a U.S. embassy, ​​but he did many friends in less than two years – In the various countries of ambassadors with the Trump Administration Policies.

Mangal’s sudden announcement was that he was leaving till the end of the year, which was built like a built-in power by the UN headquarters, with a lot of expressions of shock and some sadness.

“It was amazing, I am not really very happy for me,” said Russia’s ambassador to Washington, Vishy Nebenzia.

The powerful UN Security Council ambassadors who had close work closely with Heliie – had their capabilities and success as an embassy – although many of his countries including the United States of America, including the traditional allies of America There are cases.

Lemonone CRASH

Lemo Driver Wife: She already expressed concerns

New York (AP) – A Lasmine driver’s wife, involved in a New York accident, has killed 20 people, her late husband expressed concern over company vehicles.

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Low Lisinchichia (Lehna-NHH-E-Y) told CBS in an interview on Wednesday that her husband, Scott, told several times that she needed a different vehicle but then The company believes in the trust that its “vehicles were fine.” ”

To maintain the roof of the vehicle with violations, the laser limousine has been criticized and the driver does not have a commercial license to employ.

Prison lawyer’s lawyer Li Lyonlone says safety issues have been corrected. He said the driver might be able to get down the ability to stay underneath a mountainous hill in New York’s Square (سکو-های آری).

Lisinchachia says her husband was “the best health” and ran tractor trailer for 20 years.

Elections 2018-trumpet

Close it? Now it is Duninstein instead of Clinton

Council Bluefish, Iowa (AP) – During the year’s release on Trap’s release, “Take It!” Targeted goal is Hillary Clinton. It is now a senior center from California, Democrat Den Finestein.

At a rally on Tuesday, Ava said that President Donald Tomop has repeatedly shown his non-stable claim to a written letter by the lady who was sentenced by the Supreme Court Justice of the Youth Brat blames on Kangang.

The fininist has denied that he brought the letter which eventually dismissed a firestorm under convoy confirmation and additional sexual abuse allegations. Kannanaana denied all such allegations.


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