A Russian astronaut and a Russian consulate was forced to compel when the Russian Sweep rocket damaged the international space station (ISS) on the way.

After leaving the Bakunnor Cosmodium in Kazakhstan, Nick Hague and Alexei Ovichen reported a problem with the rocket booster.

The men were forced into a “ballistic broom”, his capsule was descending south of Bakunore a few hundred miles away.

They are raised by rescue.

The US space agency, Nisa said that the search and maintenance teams have reached the landing site of the Suzuki spacecraft and report that members of the two staff are in good condition and are outside the capsule.

Russia said it is suspending any other ships, and the investigation of the mistake has begun.

What is rocket?

Launch is going smoothly, but after 90 seconds, Nacy, during his life, said that there was a problem with Booster Rocket between the first and second steps of separation.

The footage inside the capsule shows that two men are walking around the time that they were mistaken.

Shortly afterwards, Nisa said she was becoming a “ballistic broom” which means that her capsules arise at a higher speed than usual and strengthened on the body rapidly – more More than G-Force occurs.

Captain separated from failure rocket and later parasites to slow down its population.

Analysis: An incredible ride on the ground

Suzhou is one of the earliest rocket designs, but it is the safest. An error is described as “staging”, where the rising vehicle goes through the process of eliminating its empty fuel parts.

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The ship’s astronauts were certainly aware that nothing was right because they reported weight loss when they were pushed back to their seats. The escape systems are temporarily prepared and prepared for such an event. However, it will be an incredible ride on the ground. The action had to face a lot of pace and disaster.

It has already been discussed about the capability of maintaining the standard of current state and service of the Russian industry. As a consequence of the inquiry result, this incident will only raise these concerns and the US will need to bring a new rocket system online especially. These vehicles, manufactured by Boing and Space X companies, are ready to be next year.

It looks like they are doing injustice.

The search and rescue teams were quickly located near the northwest of Bakonor, near Dzhezkazgan, Kazakhstan’s 500km (310 miles).

He reported that Mr. Hague and Mr Achchachin were living and good and Russian citizens space agency, Roscosmos, later released pictures of their heart and blood pressure surveillance.

Roscosmos tweeted “Roscosmos tweeted” the work of a Emergency Rescue system, the pot was capable of land in Kazakhstan … “. Nisa described them as being in good condition. They allegedly treated medical treatment. Did not need

NASA added that two people outside Moscow were taken to the Gagarin

Cosmonaut Training Center, and it was “carefully monitored”.

What happens now

Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said, “There will be no further inspection mission until we are sure that we will guarantee the safety of the whole situation.”

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He dismissed the suggestions that it could harm American relations, and it says “it was a” risk-linked high-tech industry “, but he added:” We certainly do not hide the reasons. Will it be extraordinary for such situations? ”

Space cooperation is an area which has prevented the tension from the situation between Russia and the United States. Space Shuttle program is paying for seats on NASA Swords Rocket since the end of 2011.

The Russian Tass News Agency quoted an unknown source saying that they have a lot of equipment because Russia’s already implementing ISS will not be affected.

What are the similar events in the past?

The aim of the Thursday event was the first Launch event for the Russian Souvist Booster, since Sword’s mission was eliminated in 1983. A rocket was damaged shortly before the startup, and the staff’s car was deprived of safety.

Russia’s space program in recent years has suffered more than 13 technical failures in 2010.

Last year, the contact with the Fregat upper stage of the Swords Rocket was lost, with a new season satellite and 18 secondary artificial synthetic artificial synthetic artificial synthetic synthetical satellites.

In 2017, at least 73 satellite satellites, one pace load report “came down or severely worsened after the separation of their Suzuki-2.1 2.1 launch vehicle”.

In August, a holes appeared in Swords capsule, which was already surrounded by the ISS, which had to make a small loss of air pressure and surrounded it. In this example, Russia said that the holes may be “deliberately”.

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In the Apollo 13 – 1 in 1970, one of the most serious but non-deadly American events involved a moon mission. An oxygen tank was launched two days later, which resulted in loss of power and further mission. The staff were able to repair and later returned six days later.

While space missions can often face technical difficulties, it has relatively low death rates:

2003: Seven astronauts died when the Columbia Space Shuttle broke into the ground environment again due to a destroyed safety tile.

1986: Seven astronauts died when challenging passengers were isolated after the shuttle lift due to incredible seals on the old rocket.

1971: After landing from the House 1 Space Station, Suzanne 11 took three boys resulting in aerial juice riding on the riders. After landing he found within the dead pop

1967: The destruction of Suzhou 1, with a cosmopolitan, was killed as a parachute of the spacecraft, which was intended to slow the population.

1967: From the death of three human staff of Apollo 1, his commander module fire on the launch pad.


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