State News Agency SPA says Saudi Arabia has rejected political and economic “threats” on missing journalist Jamal Khogyi.

The so-called senior source said the country would respond with “big big” in response to any criminal proceedings.

The criticism of the Saudi government, Mr. Khishgi, disappeared on October 2 after visiting his consulate in Istanbul.

US President Donald Tampump said he would punish Saudi Arabia if he was found responsible for killing him.

Istanbul officials believe Saudi agents had killed Mr. Khushgi in consulate – Riaz has rejected “lies”.

What do we know about the disappearance of Saudi journalist?

Consulate of Consulate

Why The Case Case Case Alarms Alarm Workers

The United Kingdom and the United States are hosting an important international conference in Saudi Arabia this month.

What is the latest from the Saudis?

The source referred to by the spa said: “The Empire affects a complete response to any risks or attempts to use economic sanctions or political pressure due to its risk.

“The Empire has also said that it will respond to any action with a major action. The Saudi economy has a significant and effective role in the global economy.”

Saudis disappear under international pressure when they disappear.

Diplomatic sources told BBCL-James Lailel that both Treasury Secretary Steve Minchin and Britain’s International Trade Secretary Liam Fake Riaz could not join the next month’s investor conference, in which “Davis in the desert” entered. Has gone

However, later, the White House Alliance Larry Kadolo told ABC News that the things that Mr. Minchin intended to go to Riyadh, and “final decisions as final information levels.”

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On this occasion, Taj Prince of the Empire, Muhammad Bin Salman, has hosted his promotion agenda. Many sponsors and media groups have decided to decide.

A joint statement of condemnation, if it is confirmed that Mr. Khishgi was killed by Saudi agents, he is also being discussed by the US and European embassy.

What did Mr Trump say?

The President has said that if Saudi Arabia is responsible for the death of Khushkigi, the US will face “severe punishment”.

“If it was a matter, they would be” very upset and angry “, but decided to stop major military agreements.

“I think we will punish ourselves if we do so,” he said. “If they do not buy us from it, they are going to buy from Russia or … China.”

Where is the investigation now?

Turkey’s Foreign Minister Matsu Kussool said that Saudi Arabia had not yet cooperated with the investigation. Despite the statement of Saudi Interior Minister Prince Abdulzaz bin Bin Saud bin Nabain bin Abdul Aziz, he said that he wants to expose the country “whole truth”.

Mr. Kiosol demanded the emperor to allow Turkish authorities to enter the consulate.

Saudi relations reaction

On Sunday, on the All-India Indo-Share Index, stock increased 7% in initial trading, this year made all the parts made this year.

The AFP news agency reported that in two sessions, it lost $ 450bn $ 50 billion (£ 38bn) investment.

Salma Sharma of the Ecclesiastes of the Franklin Tampenton Emingling Market told Reuters: “The market is exposed to negative emotional negligence around the case.”

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What is going on in Istanbul?

A Turkish security source told the BBC that the authorities have proven Mr. Khushgi, the audio and video identifier that was written for the Washington Post, was killed in the consulate.

Reports say that the consulate was att

acked and struggled after which Mr Khaggi entered the building to perform papers for marriage.

According to Turkish sources, a strong team of Saudi agents was killed by them.

Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia

Processing the last stages of Turkish press messaging
Risk with Saudi Arabia with danger
Turkey TV has broadcast the CCTV footage at the moment, Mr. Khushgai went to Consulate.


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