The latest on the end of a bridge in Italy (local time):

10:15 PM

Italy’s Italian authorities from the region of Italy have increased the number of people killed in the end of a highway bridge in Geneva’s port June 26 Premier Giuseppe Conte travels to the disaster venue on Tuesday late Tuesday, calling it “a big tragedy” on Tuesday. He told State Television: “This turn is disturbed to see metal and the bridge collapses with people suffering.”Coat also lauded the Society workers on the site, “They had killed 45 meters (about 150 feet) people and are now living and in the hospital.”

7 o’clock

A person fell in Italy, under the Highway Bridge, called it “a miracle” which he was saving.Middle-aged people talk to local Italian TVs that they stand in front of their truck under the bridge in Geneva, when the structure occurred on Tuesday. He spoke in Italian because he was being filmed for a disaster but did not name it.He said the shock hit him on the wall more than ten meters (33 feet), injuring his right shoulder and hip.”I was in the front of the truck and ran away like everything,” he says. I think it’s a miracle. I do not know what to say. I’m out of the words. ” At least 20 people were killed and 16 were injured in the closure of the bridge, a Italian security agency official said.

6:55 PM

The CNR Civil Engineering Society is demanding a “martial plan” to repair or repair 1 million bridges in Italy, which crosses its occupations in the 1950s and 1960s. After a deadly end of a Highway Bridge in Geneva, CNN said in a note that the bridge has been built with its famous technology, but its work is 50 years old. He further stated that in many cases, the cost of updating and strengthening bridges is far greater than that they will cost to destroy and build. The CNR has demanded a major program that has been able to replace bridges with 100-year-old bridges. He last referenced in the northern provinces of Cuneo last April 2017 – said it crushed a carabinieri police car, but officers and drivers heard them out and went out in the way – and one in the north More than the pass city, fell under unusual weight, crashed a car and killed the driver.

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6:45 PM

An Italian civil security agency official said the number of people died in a collision with a highway bridge in Geneva, which has 16 injured. Luigi D’Angelo told that a 20 dead data has been confirmed by a press press office. But he added “The data is subject to updates and unfortunately the updates will increase.” Separately, Head of TG24, head of hard care at Genoa’s San Martino Hospital, Fergollo Gratrola told Sky TG24 that there are several trains in the wounds.

12:55 PM

Italian authorities say that at a sudden and violent storm in Geneva City of North Port, there were approximately 10 vehicles after the end of a high highway. Private Broadcasters Sky TG24 said that 200 meters of Murder Bridge celebrated Tuesday on the industrial zone, and firefighters told the Associated Press that there are concerns about gas lines. Police on Twitter reported that the accident occurred suddenly, during a storm-related storm, while firefighters said that people involved in the vehicles are likely to be killed. The ANSA News agency showed a huge caliph between two parts of the Highway Highlights published on its website. The video occupied the voice of the walking man: “Oh God, Oh, God.” The other pictures showed a green truck which kept less than foam holes in the bridge (yards).

12:30 PM

Italian news agency NSA says an advanced highway partially north port city has fallen in Geneva. There was no immediate word on death or injuries. NSA said the authorities suspect that a constructive weakness has ended the end of Tuesday. The circular images on the Italian media show a large part of the city through the highway through the city. Emergency vehicles were answered.

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