Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Controversial right-handed presidential candidates, Brazil, continue to maintain a broader league against his left-hand opponent Fernando Hood. In the second round of Abraham’s October 28 visit, Bolslawar voted for 59 per cent and 41 percent of Hadith.

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According to the latest survey, the controversial right wing, George Bolognin, maintained a wide range of photos on Internet Internet entertainment on his left opponent Fernando Hood.

Apart from the intent of voters, Ibope asked participants that the candidates would represent the interests of ten different fields, including rich, agriculture, enterprises, banking industry, environment, retired, young people, hard working class, poor and women. Included. A 65 percent participant believed that Bolsinaro often labeled Donald Trap’s Brazilian version or “Traffic Trump”. Only 22 percent of the participants chose Saddam.

Right-away lawmakers also have more effective advocacy for youth between 16 to 24 years (fifty five to 39 percent), banking industry (54 percent to 28 percent), and businessmen (65 percent to 23 percent) Was selected ).

On the other end of the political spectrum, fifty percent of the survey participants took custody of Hudad, former former President Lausanne Ensuco Lola, by Salva (Lola), in which the poor representative of the poor chose Boldararo.

The participants also believed that Hudad will represent the interests of working class (47% to 42%), retitudes (44% to 39 percent) and women (48% to 37%). With a two percent error, two candidates represent the interests of the agricultural industry (Bolsunno, 42%; Hadith, 40%) and the environment (Bolsinaro, 40%, Hadith, 39%).

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Abraham interviewed 2,506 people for the survey, which was sponsored by TV Gobo and the newspaper A Estora DS Paolo. The second round of the second round of Brazil’s decision will be held on October 28 with Bolslow and Hadid head in the run. In the first round, on Sunday, October 7, Bolsunno voted 46 percent of the field, and then it was 29 percent.


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