Women from women who prevent women from entering the famous Lord Appela temple in Sabarella, after being abusive calm in Banana on October 18, after the closure of the smoke in the morning by organizations like Hindu groups and BJP loyalists One second day left.

On October 17 after a demonstration against protesters allegedly stopped protesting on the protest, a tension issued October 18 began a tension on October 18 after a short start of the five-day pilgrimage. Even when the senior member of the family of Sabaramala clergy demanding women, the respective tradition should not be ascertained to the following 10-50 age groups and Lord Eppa’s following following places.

On October 17, while a couple’s faith prohibited the hill temple to occupy the hill and some women journalists coverage their coverage of violence against the BJP and RSS affiliated groups. Stopped with On October 18, the Supreme Court has allowed sister.

At the end of the day, the supervision of the temple, AP Padmakum, President of Trafficforver Devossum Board (TDB) told the media that they were ready to go to any extent to solve the problem.

“We are meeting tomorrow and we would like to ask if we would be protesting, we would claim a review against the Supreme Court’s decision (allowing women of all ages)”. (M) leader.

Raj on the morning of October 18, which serves as an Indian reporter for the New York Times for the New York Times, passed with a foreign national partner, before the PMP Gateway, but angry beliefs walled in front of him. Construction.

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“I reached halfway and protesters were strong after that. I was hit by a stone and we decided to come back. Police provided us with all the security,” Ms. Raj said that he already pointed out It is because they had come to work for talking with the idols.

Collector PB of the Pettyamanti district. On Nov. 18, the media told the afternoon that the section 144 was enforced at that time and will be halfway in October at eight o’clock. He said that the police would provide security to any woman who wanted to go and pray.

On October 17, 30 protesters were arrested, 20-member Magistrate’s Court created a queen near Sariarla and took two weeks in judicial custody. The arrested workers also included a member of the tentary family, Rahul Ashwari.

On October 18, Chararama Karma Samti said that State wide-scale Kerala had a peaceful peace and only a few private vehicles were found on the streets.

In some parts of Koshkod, Malprom and Thiruvitaportam, all the incidents of protesters spread across state buses were reported, the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation directed to suspend the operation.

The demonstrators attacked some shops in the state capital. However, most shops and markets were closed. There was poor attendance in IT parks here and in Kochi.

The closing call of October 18 agreed with a holiday which closed the state and central government offices, banks and educational institutions.

The railway passengers were worst hit because they failed to get taxi and public vehicles from the stations.

Talking to the media at the place of the temple, High-15-year-old Rajvirararo said: “We have the highest respect for women. And those who pray at the temple at other times treat them with respect.

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“We always respect the land law, but after the Supreme Court rule, we urge women to be unhappy that they should not try to break the tradition of this sacred building.”

The Supreme Court opened on 5th October 17, allowed the women to enter between 10 and 50 for the first time on September 28.

As a part of the convention, the temple opens for five days in the first month of each month. It will open until October 22.

The protesters and police encountered in connection with the violence on October 17 were seen, the district officials of Pimmithanti, dropped Section 144 in the section of about 30 square kilometers around the temple.

BJP Chief P.S. Rashid Rashid Plyai blamed the Left Government for the inconvenience.

He said “it’s unusual”. “We have decided to accelerate our protest. From today on October 22, every day on 11.30 o’clock every day, 41 yoga Morocco activists will break section 144 and be arrested.”

Chief Minister Renewal Vision, now in the United Arab Emirates, wrote in his facebook that the BJP and RSS were trying to convert the Hollywood temple into a dispute zone.

He said, “The belief of the temple should be considered as a challenge, but the state government is determined to stop such efforts and is ready to deal with this situation properly.”


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