What is a technical SEO audit? Performing a comprehensive technical SEO audit for your business website is necessary for providing you with vital insights and overview of your site’s current standing. Often, it is referred to a process of altering and intensifying your website’s online relevancy. Some of the critical components that require periodical audits in your website include, but not limited to indexing, navigational funnels, meta-tags, sitemaps, page speeds, social media engagement, website architecture and content-related issues. Understanding how all these components work is important in identifying your site’s potential in natural search, competitiveness, its weaknesses, and strengths. The technical SEO audit will generate a report that has a list of recommendations and present issues that need to be addressed in order to achieve your site’s objectives. The most appropriate time to conduct a technical SEO audit is when designing the website. If a webmaster fails to do that from the beginning, lengthy and complex technical SEO audits will have to be conducted regularly to ensure that the site is compatible with search engine best practices. What technical SEO audit measures A technical SEO audit is meant for measuring your website’s performance on the search engines and its overall online presence. The audit is supposed to cover the following aspects: Content clarity- it evaluates the clarity of your digital content and the efficiency of the codes that you have used in developing the website. Page load time- a user-friendly website should have fast load times so as to avoid affecting your bounce rates. The attention span of your casual visitors is very short and most online searchers are often not willing to waste time waiting for your pages to load when searching for products, services or information. The audit will give you insights about various aspects related to your page loadings such as website tracking, 404 Error page, external link acquisition, site indexing and W3C compliance. Ease of navigation- even though navigation is not a major concern for search engines, potential customers will quickly click on the back button and leave your site if they can’t navigate around its pages with ease. Most typical customers are likely to convert when they find it easy to navigate a particular website’s pages. What is the value of a technical SEO audit?

  • Reveal your site’s weaknesses
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A credible technical SEO audit will generate a credible report that highlights all its weaknesses and recommends viable fixes. For example, you may discover, from the audit, your business’s physical address was buried deep in the site rather than having accurate Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) details on every page or on a separate page on your website. Or maybe you have misidentified the keywords that you have used on your pages.

  • Identify your competitors’ strategy

You can only beat your competitors if you understand their strategies. Knowing the target keywords, content marketing strategies and valuable backlinks they are using will go a long way in helping you readjust your approach. You can also recognize some of the potential tools, strategies and SEO techniques that you can leverage to stay ahead of the competition. Furthermore, it will also help you know the unutilized resources that you can exploit to stand out of the competition.

  • Know what blocks your visibility

There are several reasons why your site could be invisible online such as poor marketing, using irrelevant keywords, bad link building strategies and employing black hat SEO tactics. You could be doing something that goes against the search engines’ guidelines unknowingly, especially if you hired an unprofessional SEO agency to optimize your site for search engines. The technical SEO audit report will, therefore, help you spot these pitfalls and make necessary fixes. Pagination that is often used in e-commerce categories for displaying several products can create content duplication, crawler issues and dilution of your web content’s relevancy. A thorough SEO audit will help you discover the correct Meta tags that are essential for ranking effectively on search engines for paginated content.

  • Opportunity to optimize your site
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On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO flaws can badly hinder the success of your site. The audit will give you an opportunity to refocus your resources on various optimization techniques that will boost your rankings on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). The report will show you what is working and what is not so that you can modify your website accordingly. You can use the report to appropriately prioritize your resources by investing in the content marketing strategies that work best for your business website.

  • Improve your conversion rate

You ought to convert the traffic that you get from the lead generation campaigns that you launch on your site. The SEO audit will help you identify the areas that increase your bounce rates so that you can implement Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) best practices.

  • Boost search engine rankings

Ensure that the titles and Meta descriptions are descriptive enough about your business’ products or services. You can achieve high rankings on major search engines like Google if you optimize the website pages for the search engines. You will gain crucial insights, from the SEO audit, on how to get indexed and crawled by the search engines. Also, the audit will help you optimize the site for search engine crawlers by providing you credible sitemaps, robots.txt file, supplemental analysis, anchor text, site analysis and JavaScript coding. The images you use on your site should have correct redirects and unbroken links to avoid unnecessary dead ends for search engines. The URLs on the site should also be canonicalized into one primary domain. Scouring through several pages of a website to audit the technical data and other relevant issues such as broken links, page traffic, and backlinks can be an overwhelming task. Instead, you should use credible online tools such as Spider and Deepcrawl to audit your site’s standing. Google Analytics is another great tool that can give you an in-depth analysis of the effectiveness of your online campaigns. Moreover, the Search Console will come in handy in helping you decide which web content to allow or disallow indexing. Although conducting an SEO audit on your site may seem like an overwhelming task that can consume your quality time unnecessarily, it is a very important strategy. In fact, most businesses consider it a marketing strategy aid instead of a maintenance check. In addition, if you are on a tight schedule, you can hire professional SEO services to audit your website’s SEO qualifications. It is pointless to have your business site on the World Wide Web if it’s not generating the right amount of traction it deserves Read More Story.


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