Safaromom targets its 18th anniversary on October 18, 2000, after official developments. Today as part of the birthday celebrations of this week, the mobile operator targeted a new brand campaign to strengthen their commitment to their customers.

New campaign aims to increase customer engagement as a brand as a successful campaign, according to the Safercarum Business Strategy, to campaign new campaign to the customers of the Navy black wakey, campaign campaign for the first time customers to put customers and supply relevant products and services. .

“We understand the effect of the current economic climate on Kenya throughout the country, therefore new grandparents pledge our customers to make them capable of doing business, doing socialist and business using their own networks. “And Sms are more affordable,” said Silio Muling, director of special projects of Silermermo.

As a part of the campaign of zeroromom, a customer promotion has been announced that will enjoy customers with the cheapest phone, SMS and data.

In the promotion of promotion under the 18th 18, the customer enjoys talks only for KES 18 minutes 18 minutes, and they get the opportunity to call local networks for 12 minutes per minute until November 2018. This offer will be acceptable again for one day each customer will be valid for 24 hours from the time of purchase.

“Kenya is tough; we are cautious, innovative and hopeful. This promotion is clearly not the only way to support Kenya for their support over 18 years, it is the way to show that we go with them. Because they evaluate the rapidly changing economic landscape. Ms. Mulinge.

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Individual Post Paper users will receive awards with 10% discount on their October bills, while the enterprise PostP customers will also get their custom rewards according to their needs. Safaricom Home Fiber customers will enjoy a 18% discount after purchasing, renewing or renewing subscriptions between 18 and 18 November, 18% of November 18.

Additionally, the safarcam may possibly be able to re-retrieve data bundles by purchasing only one new data bundle within seven days after the bundle end date.

“Zerromom is a real Kenya brand that hopes to promote the good and good of Kenya, and its success can not only be attributed to those who work, but those For which we have served in many years, we celebrated our customers, “said Michael Joseph, a member of former CEO and the Ambassador of the Board of Directors.

To personalize events, each customer will receive a free 1GB data bundle for voice calls on their birthday and a special KES per minute rate. As a permanent offer, the birthday rewards will be more available during the promotion.

To kick Navy Black Walk and 18th 18 promotion, Cannian cures all over the country were treated with bus buses, employees bought children’s day in stock markets and marketed their day stocks. And donated to children’s homes.


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