Let’s admit it, playing games or watching movies or TV series on small monitors just suck. In-fact, it also mess up your eye sight unless it’s not the having a good quality resolutions. On the other hand we have the best widescreen monitors that always deliver the best image quality and resolutions that we could ever imagine. Who would have thought that we’ll have such monitors in the 21st century right? So here we have the Acer XR382CQK, one of the best widescreen monitors on the market so far. Yes, it’s expensive than the other ones but if have the urge to buy the finest widescreen monitor for watching movies and stuff, there is no other better option than the Acer XR382CQK widescreen monitor. We had fun with it now it’s time to let you guys know what the monitor actually offers.

Acer XR382CQK Features and Design

Released back in 2017, this widescreen monitor has the finest features to offer. It’s a curved monitor with the screen size of 37.5-inch which is pretty wide for experiencing the good quality images. On the other side we have Acer XR382CQK powered with the IPS curved panel and that’s the thing that I loved the most about this monitor.  We must the 21:9 ultra-wide QHD resolutions on the ultra wide monitor is just fire. I mean with that much resolutions you would be able to see everything clear in high quality especially when you’re a hardcore gaming enthusiast.

The edges on the monitor are has almost curvy touch to where a white beautiful looking convenient stand is attached on the rear which can easily balance the monitor on your table. Moreover, it’s powered with the ADM FreeSync technology and more interesting thing is it’s even certified by the ADM FreeSync ‘s company. Most of the widcreen monitors that you might have seen in the market blurs up the picture when look at the screen from the side. But unlike those, the Acer XR382CQK always delivers a clear vision of the display even when you look at it from the sides where the exact dimensions of the monitor are 35.31 inches with 12.17 inches Width and 12.9 inches of height along with the weight of 23.6. 

Acer XR382CQK Specs

You can’t miss the specs part when you go out there for buying a brand new widescreen monitor. That would be a silly move to trust a monitor blindly and then have it. But Acer XR382CQK name is enough for anyone to know that it’s a better one because it already has a great reputation among the best widescreen monitors on the market. Despite the fact, I will reveal to you the specs on the monitor anyway.

The 4k display makes on the monitor makes it a real beast, in-fact it has the overall resolutions of 3840 x 1600 pixels which means by having this widescreen monitor, there’s no way that would get low quality video quality. Of-course you would have the best image quality that you would never had experienced. Moreover, the pixel pitch came to be on a whole level with 0.229 mm.

On the performance side this monitor is just a beast with the refresh rate of 75 Hz along with the response time of 5ms. To find out what the monitor claims, I gave it a try by playing on the prince of Persia movie at 4k. I was able to see every title clearly, in-fact the image quality didn’t made me upset about the monitor even a bit. On the side I played the GTA V with it and the performance came out to be perfect even when the objects were moving faster on the screen.

There were no disadvantages found for the Acer XR382CQK widescreen monitor so far which is another plus point that the monitor adds up to its bucket.


You might have seen many best widescreen monitors on the market but not a beast like Acer XR382CQK. Thanks to Acer to equip this nice looking monitor with so many specs and features. If you looking for a widescreen monitor that always deliver the satisfactory results, there’s no better option than the Acer XR382CQK. Go for it and you’ll never regret buying it for sure.


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  • Multipurpose widescreen monitor.
  • 4k display
  • Great built quality.
  • Powered with DTS Sound.
  • Freesync technology


  • No disadvantages so far.


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