The world is a place that is full of natural wisdom, culture, foreign food and animals that can be found only in some areas. However, there is a job to know all that can be just a few experiences.

Did not he ever travel around the world in his life? Of course we have tried to travel everything around the world.

But before doing so, if you want to live this experience, do not forget that you will need to: Money (Unfortunately the journey is not free around the world), time, a good suite, a smartphone (surf the internet And to use GPS), a good camera (since you will definitely take many photos), software applications or applications like a laptop and glassware software (which enable us to monitor their activities on the network Will allow).

In this article, we will talk to 5 passengers who had received this great experience.

1. Former Williams

Leading singer, fashion designer and producer, who often enjoys their private jet and enjoy some beautiful ideas.

In more than one interview, Williams has said that his best songs are written on the aircraft, because he has admitted that he concentrates much to all his senses and elegant scenes. Blue sky has also given its most romantic movements, which has inspired him to write the most beautiful love messages for him, especially the women who sometimes take away their sleep.

For his free time, Farrell loves to travel to the Dominican Republic and live in Casa de Kim Hotel that he loves to enjoy the sunset with the good dish of Caribbean crab. He also visited the best cities of Canada, its beautiful scenes and its public.

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2. lenson wood

Famous television adventures and professional followers, who also visit the Himalayas and Nile river.

He grew up in England, a young man made a break from his first major travel university in Baghdad, with the opportunity to go to London from Qayyazim. Ten years later, he was traveling to Nile River on Egypt’s journey, which gathered a number of Jesus, among which he climbed a mountain from a hipopyssic escape.

The wood also traveled to Himalayas, which continued for more than six months, in which they tied their hands on the road, passed through the roads and controlled by the Taliban and got 16,000 advantages, which was in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Located between

3. Guiana Thurston

Wildlife Camman Winner of 5 Emmies and 2 BATAs. Nearly end-to-end reminders to capture the images of Tiger. She is known to travel with the most beautiful populations on the earth.

He traveled to the countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo, where he was able to overcome mountain galleries from just a few meters in his natural habitat. He was able to record through a large variety of animals, gray wolves, moose, red foxes, beaver and even otters in the same day of campaign at Alaska Katyami National Park.

4. Lucia Gregie

33-year-old Surf Photographer has visited the most famous and most beautiful surfing beach around the world. He started as a swim before going to the surfing, but when he was 21 years old and attended the first surf class, he fell completely in love with the game.

It is famous in the photography world that it took Cloudbreak, with its keyboard to clear large fuzzy waves. This photo has also caught the attention of the National Geographic. Lucia Gregie also says that in Fiji he almost drowned when the jet ski wrapped the cap due to big waves.


In his favorite places for surfing, Gurgaig highlighted in Maldives and Benjay.

As a professional photographer, he never visits his professional camera and his personal laptop without any travel, where he uses all of his professional editing programs to make these beautiful images like Magics photo manager and photo fixer.

5. Idol Passover

He made a strong love towards climbing after a child. At the same time, he reached Monte Bullen with an age of 16. She became the first to become known to reach the top of female Everest and K2, where she had to face the hurry that she lost two fingers.

Without any doubt, the journey is one of the best things in life and these celebrities have tested a small part of it, because the journey is to find you new places and to fulfill different cultures around the world.

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