The Trump Administration has to restore all Iran sanctions that are removed from the nuclear program under the 2015 nuclear deal.

White House said that it has ever been the toughest sanctions on Iran and was targeted to Iran’s energy, shipping and banking sector.

However, eight countries will not be punished by the US to import Iranian oil.

EU states have supported the agreement to protect EU organizations to “valid” business with Iran.

President Donald Trap departed from the agreement in May, describing it as “its basically defective”.

After Friday’s announcement, he “has been making restrictions”, “Winter is coming” referring to the tournament’s TV series game and its inconvenience.

The United States is gradually re-enforcing the restrictions because it has been signed with consensus, but analysts say this move is the most important because it is the purpose of the core fields of Iran’s economy.

A Iranian spokesman for the Interior Ministry said Iran has been declared illegal after the withdrawal of Iran’s sanctions.

This agreement restricted its controversial nuclear activities in exchange for sanctions on Iran’s sanctions.

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  • Barack Obama, at the time, the US President had argued that this agreement
  • would stop Iran to make nuclear weapons.

Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China 2015 were also parties and were stuck to establish a new payment system to maintain business with Iran and to track US sanctions.

Mr Trop says that the terms of the agreement are unacceptable and he has not interfered with Iran to promote the ballistic missiles program, including Syria and Yemen, neighboring countries.

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Iran has accused Mr. Trumpp of “psychological war”.

What’s going on

On October 5, America will be banned again after finding restrictions, shipbuilding, finance and energy.

The name of more than 700 people, institutions, ships and ships will be placed on the list of restrictions, including large banks, oil exporters and shipping companies.

After May he has been re-banned by Mr Trop.

US Secretary of State Mike Pomp said that the restrictions were “the purpose of changing fundamentally in Iran’s behavior.”

He has set up 12 demands that will meet Iran to take sanctions. These help in Syria with cooperation with terrorism and military intervention, as well as prevent nuclear and ballistic missile development.

Is it being forgiven?

Restrictions punish other countries who work with Iran.

However, the Mumpo Pumpkin has explained that some countries can not import Iranian oil immediately and their condition has been immediately reduced.

According to Associated Press reports, eight Italians are allied forces like Italy, India, Japan and South Korea. Turkey also received a waiver in Reuters news agency reports.

How did Iran respond?

The Ministry of Interior spokesman Bahram Qasimi told State TV that Iran is “knowledge and ability to manage the country’s economic matters”.

“Through these restrictions America can succeed in achieving its economic goals, it is very remote and it is unlikely that its political goals will be achieved through such restrictions.”

What is the EU?

In a joint statement, the Federation of Foreign Ministers of the United Kingdom, Germany and France and the Federal Foreign Affairs Federation Federation McGenny said that they are deciding to “deepen” the US sanctions.

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“We pledge to protect European economic operators engaged in legitimate business in accordance with the EU law and United Nations Security Council’s resolution of the 2231 UN Security Council resolution.

Balance process

Barbara Pitt User, BBC News, Washington

In the last six months, the Treasury administration has to aim to export Iran’s oil as a possibly near zero. But the balance between supply and demand in the oil market is very strict, so according to it it has to be appreciated.

It does not want to drive the entire Iranian oil from the market on November 5 as its prices can increase. It will benefit Iran, and angry Americans on the Petrol Pump.

Iran has increased its production to fill space vacuum left by Iran’s oil and also emphasized on others, especially Saudi Arabia.

He has allowed eight countries to import Iranian oil after severe lobby. Official officials have not yet said, but this list is expected to join India’s two potential customers in India and possibly.

But it is at low levels and for just six months, the administration will review the oil markets again. And from their sale, money will be in an orchro account that is used for the permitted goods and services, so Iran will not get cash.

The results still show that the United States can get it from the huge rod of huge economic power. But by isolating power, separating the united political siege of its previous partners, requires a balance process.

How did the Trumpet GTT defeat?

HBB, who created the game of throne, used this picture of Mr. Trump’s picture, he said: “We were not aware of this message and would like to be our fault for our political purposes. Are not.”

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Meanwhile, social media picked up and changed Twitter. Many tweets, individually FB-head Robert Moeller, have mentioned that the 2016 election campaigns of Mr Trump are controversial with Russia.


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