Fourth Auck, Cliff. (KABC) – Authorities reported a massive shootout on Wednesday night, answering a nightclub in thousands of Oaks.

Shooting happened near 11:20. 99 rolling up at the doctor at the border bar and the grill.

Ventura County Sheriff officials said that there are active shooter reports in the club. According to expressions, during a press briefing near 12:45 pm, Captain Gero Chemicals said at least six people were injured.

“We are still looking for the shooter,” he said. We can not confirm that the shooter is currently in custody. “

He added that there could be more hunting, and its information was initial. He said “hundreds” were in the bar during shooting.

The crocodile witness John Hijj said he had seen a suspected smoke bomber in front of the restaurant. He also said that he shot a security guard.

“I was at the door and I was talking to my stepdad. I started listening to these big pops. Pop, pop, pop. Maybe maybe three or four, I hit the ground. I see – the security guard It’s dead. Well, I do not want to say he was dead, but he was shot.

He said he was down. The sinner threw smoke smoke in this place. I indicated it after cash register … and he fired. I ran in front of the door.

Hugh added that there are about 12 shots coming out of this time’s door.

He said that the sinner was a beard, wearing a hat, had a black jacket and glasses.

“I thought it was a joke when the bullets were firing. I know people there. I hope everybody is fine. I do not know how to shoot me.”

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Tim, Hugh’s survivor, who was in Tears, told that after entering the doorstorm, after going to the polling station, he was behind the door.

“He fired the first shot .I knew it was alive. I knew it was really. My son thought it was a joke, so I dragged it and covered something. He moved to the right. The front door, which was just a young man, then he shot a carrier only to a young girl.

“Then he shifted to the right. He was not seeing us, then he went to the office where he had all cash and equipment. He did not say anything.

Many law enforcement agencies, including the Sami Valley and Oxford Police, reached to help Sheriff’s colleagues and SWAT officers.

The FBI agents had to go to the scene.

Malik Bar is located near 101 freeways from Modark Road.

Footage from AIR7 HD is occupying a PD-based parameter on a person who has shown the irregularities.

The website for the border line shows that Wednesday night the colleges are country nights which are at the end of 9pm. Colleges at 2 am near the club California University of Lochchair and California State University, Channel Islands.

Students from Pepperdine University in Melbourne often attend college country nights, and may be some time again on Wednesday night. According to the university, it was not so clear.


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