Granite is a common mineral found in abundance in the earth’s belly. It is one of those igneous rocks which are used for the beautification process. It is coarse in nature and can be mixed with several other minerals to give it a color or to make it strong and ready for the purpose of its use. Granite is undoubtedly a beautiful mineral and the glittery shine of its countertops made is unparalleled. It is the element that has the capacity to soothe the aura and the appeal of the house it is fitted in. Countertops of granite create a magical environment when it is kept in the middle as the centrepiece. Granite also blends with other materials perfectly which make it the most suitable mineral to make countertops.

It is one of the hardest minerals and as a result, it does not get scratches and marks from any sharp objects. Granite is a non-conductor of heat as well and as a result, it is used as a cooktop too in kitchens. It can manage up to 900F of temperatures very easily and does not get damaged. Even in the bathroom, if a hair tool is placed which is still warm will not hamper the beauty of the granite countertop.

Granite kitchen tops are very strong and can survive the treatment for age long. Granite is a porous element as a result of which it is sealed first. After the sealant is done, it will remain the same for many and many years as it will not get any scratches but before the sealant is done, the granite is vulnerable to scratches. Granite kitchen worktops are probably the best worktops as they are easy to maintain and does not get withered. The blending characteristic of granite helps it to blend with other minerals as well and produce a color to glorify the kitchen. Also, granite worktops are very easy to clean does not carry the stain for its lifetime. With only one swipe of the cloth or sponge along with the liquid, it can get as good as new.

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Granite kitchen countertops are available in various colors and are absolutely magical as it can change the mundane kitchen into a marvellous one. With the kitchen countertops, many designs can be made according to soothe the ambiance of the kitchen. For the top-notch kitchen countertops, granite is the ideal material. The uniqueness of granite is that as it is naturally formed, no two countertops made from granite would have the same patterns and thus make it unique. Granite countertops are always very heavy and durable. But installing granite countertops may be a bit costly as it is an expensive element and moreover it cannot be installed by a non-professional person as it is porous in the initial stage and can absorb moistures and other chemicals. It must always be installed by a professional person to avoid any problem.

It is advised to install kitchen countertops of granite slabs than the modular kitchen slabs or granite tiles in the kitchen as they are heavy and durable. These are also the most popular form of countertop in the kitchen for many years.


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