If you still like physical QWERTY keyboard in your smartphone, it’s a cheaper option to keep in mind that its older brother Key2 is still high. And for the keyboard, it’s absolutely worth it.

We have to give Blackberry a brand full, continuous stability, stability, and a complete sign for the reason. The company still hopes you want physical QWERTY keyboard on your Android phone. Last year the key was one, its key 2 this year and its hard work in a few months, and now we have Key2 LE. The reason behind the Key2 LE is that the key 2 is soon acknowledged that the price tag might probably be too high but it is still retailing for Amazon on Rs 42,900. For a limited limited population that is interested in the touchscreen and keyboard dealings that have to go with the Android operating system, perhaps it was very steep. And stranger. Due to this, Fort 2L, the price was pushed as Rs 29,990 and another affordable alternative. But is that really the same?

In terms of design, you will be forgiven to think that the key is like 2 Key Key2. There are fine differences. The first color is, and finish, which is light. The metal frame has been changed by the plastic frame. It still compares beauty and utility, whatever business consumers want from their own phones, because they will thumble on the thumb, while explaining the lucky corporations. Key 2 is less than Key Key2, and 8.4 mm is 0.1 mm thin. Metal change from plastic means Key2 LE Key2 is 12 grams light. The design feels long because its screen and keyboard share the space below, but Blackberry Fort 2 feels well balanced and there is no indication that you type it with the same hand. Wanted when you are catching their hands on the phone

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Speaking of typing, the physical QWERTY keyboard is well placed. It is healthy that the Blackberry branded smartphone is expected. Each key press gets a consistent response, and the individual key size is sufficient. If you are switching to this physical keyboard on a touch screen phone, you know that the typing speed is initially slow. After years of tapping on a glass pan, mechanical key pressure is used very much in many processes. But if you already have Blackberry phone and are used on the keyboard, it’s a familiar area.

4.5 inch display (1,620 x 1,080 resolution) has been forwarded, and this is not exactly a problem. This screen is bright, and the text is crisp to read. Color key looks more vibrant than 2, but at this time nobody looks unnecessarily rich. Even at low brightness levels, the screen is good, and the images are at least. 3: 2 aspect ratio looks very strange, but this square – ish look is a trade off as well as to fit the keyboard inside similar marks.

We had seen that Key 2 probably fell in the price range of many other Android phones, as far as the Communist Snap Dragon 660 processor was concerned. Key 2 Lee will have to avoid the same train traumatic, because it runs the Snap Dragon 636 processor. In terms of architecture, both processors are mostly the same, but 636 are low-clock speeds and a bit powerful graphics. Do not think about performance, but it will not be either a powerful one. He said, the General Blackberry Fortune 2 user may not be able to buy Pabji to play it, but maybe e-mail and web browsing and document editing and some social media may be.

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