Do you spend many hours gaming every week? If you game competitively for long hours, then you know that quality of play is as important as energy and focus. While using the big screen in your living room can be comfortable, there are lots of distractions you have to contend with. To enhance focus, you need a personal, neat space where you can keep your gear organized and play without being disturbed. With a gaming desk, you can have all your gaming accessories organized, and within easy reach. In case you are wondering what to look out for in a gaming desk, here’s the perfect guide.

Things to look out for in a gaming desk

Shape and size

Gaming desks come in several shapes and sizes. The perfect gaming computer desk should be big enough to hold your desktop and computer peripherals. Before purchasing one, ensure that it can keep all your accessories organized.

On top of that, consider the size of your gaming room. If you are pressed for space, you can get a U-shaped gaming desk as it has the best capacity. An L-shaped desk is also ideal for space saving while a rectangular one can have drawers for storage. If you do not need things like drawers, slide-out keyboard holders or speaker trays, you can go for a plain desk.

Weight capacity

If you game solo with lightweight items like single laptops and gamepads, then weight should not be much of a concern to you. However, if you intend to place heavy speakers, several monitors, and other peripherals, you need to consider the weight capacity of the desk. A good gaming desk for heavy items should be sturdy and have good structural support to diminish chances of ti crumbling under the weight.

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Space should be a priority if you have more than one monitors. Is the desk you intend to buy big enough to hold them all? In addition to this, does it leave enough space between the computers to allow everyone you are gaming with to focus on their monitor alone? You do not want to buy a desk where some monitors will be hanging on the edges as this is risky. When considering the space that a gaming desk offers, do not forget to look at the size of your room to avoid buying a big desk that won’t fit.


When gaming for long hours, you do not want to interrupt your concentration because you cannot find an accessory that you need. A good gaming computer desk should have cubby holes, shelves, and smaller drawers where you can keep your items and retrieve them with ease.


The material that a gaming desk is made of contributes significantly to its longevity. Gaming desks are made from all sorts of material – the most common being wood, glass, PVC, and metal. Most gamers prefer metal and wood because they are durable. However, the two are heavy to carry around or move.

Assembly time

Gaming desks require you to follow laid out procedures to assemble them. Most large desks have complex structures hence they demand more assembly time and energy. If you are looking for a desk that is easy to assemble and disassemble, you ought to look at the procedure laid out by the manufacturer before settling on one. Mostly, look for a small desk if you do not have the patience to assemble one for long. However, keep in mind that a good desk should fit your computer/s and accessories.

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A gaming desk should help you avoid health risks such as carpal tunnel syndrome. The ideal desk needs to have a good height measurement so that you don’t strain your body when reaching for your keyboard or mouse. On top of that, it should promote better gaming by keeping all things at arm’s reach, to prevent you from leaving your seat every time you want to complete a simple task.

Gaming computer desks make a whole difference to your gaming experience. However, if you choose one that does not suit your needs, you are likely to strain when gaming. With this guide, you can find the perfect desk and experience gaming on a whole new level.


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