After months of the scandal,

Kim Jiang Yang president’s choice of South Korea is likely to see the organization return to its main mission, as the representatives chose a career copy on the Carmen’s internal election election protocol.

While the role is very formal and is handled by the General Operations General Secretary, the responsibility of ending the organization’s reputation after the sudden departure of the former organization’s former president Ming Hongzhou. . Meng’s wife, Fazal Ming insisted that she is innocent, and she says that charges are going on in a revenge in her security ministry, which has focused on China’s powerful system.

At least 1992 joined the police,

rising to become the head of the police in the province of Guangzhou, before becoming retired in 2015, to become Vice President in Interpol, the highest population in South Korea.

This is not justice’:

The concentration of Interpol’s head wife is missing from ChinaLee Changhong, a professor in the Police Administration section said, “It is popular for its stability, and many people in Korea liked it from the Bulldozer: whatever he wants, he will get it.” Haim University in Davis. “He will likely emphasize foreign cybercrimes for more cooperation between the agencies on probability and focus.”

It is known as the government’s “high cap wave”, with which South Korea authorities represent the popularity of K-Pop music to find high-quality wins, at the time of police With strategy.

The program was established in 2015,

and those from many countries have focused on the Middle East countries, with large Korean people. He has established several break-up tables in countries such as Philippines and Vietnam and have also pushed Korean police products on the international market.

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The South Korean police has done the last one checkers. During the rainy years, they were scared of government instruments and in 1980, a pro-demo demonstration in southern city of Guangzhou helped hundreds of people die. Police have criticized the idea in recent years and they did not bring women seriously seriously.


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