Fortnight 6.22 update is now alive, and this brand has introduced new content, bug fixes and fixes. For the Fortnightlight 6.22 update patch notice, the new team highlights terrorism LTM, Return Action Bullets LMM, heavy AR, new weapons and accessories, and much more.

Team terrorism is a new limited time event, where two teams of 32 players will fight each other with the aim of competing against each other. Cube monsters will also join the war and they can give you some return, so it’s an extra task to deal before your enemies work.

In addition to the first LMM, we can also see the return of Blitz. This is Battle Royal’s main gameplay. Things are sharp in this event because ‘Storm circle starts closing from the beginning of the match’. Costumes can not end for more than 15 minutes, because it will usually be closer to normal than usual. There is a lot of return to search around the map, so you have the right opportunity to earn something.

Apart from the game, another heavy attack rifle that can be found in floor robots, chests, vending machines and supply drops. It is available in rare, epic and legendary variables, and can have more features. The balloon sponge rate also dropped from 12.2 percent to 2.3 percent. Additional gameplay and bug fixes are also applied to improve your gameplay experience. Here’s a full patch note from the official website

Forward: Battle Royale update 6.22 patch notes

Limited Time Event: Team Terror


The monsters have attacked the battle Royale island! The two teams will fight as the cubic monsters join the monsters in the war. Beat the second team to get Victoria Royale.

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Mode details

Two teams of 32 players end the second team win.
Monster spawners are scattered across the map and every time the storm stops in each new circle.

After destroying the monsters, we can leave weapons or ammunition. Gold legends and monsters leave legendary items when the destroyers are destroyed.

During the default, farming resources increased by 75%.

The expansion floor stretches the possibilities by returning 15%.

Floor Lot Double Amr Spots

Amu Khan helped triple.

The chest supplies WMM and users.

Supply Drop double double emo, and extra-capable, capable resource drops and network supplies.

Limited Time Event: Built-in!


Blitz is the fastest version of the war Royale. The match begins with the rising storm on the island, and the delay between every circle is less than usual, which is made 15 minutes longer or less. The map also has more returns and resources. Profile statistics count in this mode, then fight hard for a victory lawyer!

Mode details

This storm is already moving at the beginning of the match, carefully select your landing location!

Waiting for the time between the storm is usually less than usual; maximum match length is 15 minutes.

Increasing chances of treasure chests more than 50-70% to 80-90%.
Demons increased from 65-80% to 85-95%.
Reduction of empty floor loss from 21.5% to 3.55%
The amount of resource harvesting has increased by 50 percent.
Increased content found on earth for example 30 to 60%.
Growth number, spin rate and supply dropdown population.
The number of lime generated by 4x.
Removed shopping cart.

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Weapons + items

Heavy attack rifle

Floor can be found in return, chest, vending machines and supply drops
Available in rare, epic and fictional variables
Trade 44/46/48 Damage

75 fire rate

The size of the magazine is 25

Pumpkin launcher has been returned to the standard rocket launcher.
We have reduced the balloon spoon rate from 12.2% to 2.3%.

The maximum loss of storm was hatched by 10 losses to 8 losses.

Bug fixes

Bago Bommi killed the players while there was no problem in physical matters after catching the balloons. They will now leave the balloons properly.
Forexite: Updated 6.22 patches updated to the world

Mission + system
Fortnitemares Part 2 quests are now available!
Complete the Hexsylvania epic story.
Now I also include the final battle to Vlad Miniboss and rest rest.
Bug fixes
Fix a problem where running the desired supply will definitely launch players in hexicania, which does not sprang the required items.
Fix a problem where two survivors can potentially move together in the same camp.

The hero

New Legend Ninja – Viva Wolfe Samir

A wild ninja becomes more awesome and powerful in the night.
The event is available on 7 November at the event store.

New packs

Nightstick – During Syria and Night, gaining 25% bonus movement.
Midnight stocker – Increase knee stock speed speed bonus by extra 25%.
Capacity is 50% less energy during evening and night.

New Legendary Outside – Sanguine Dusk

Uses phase shift to steal the health from the enemies.

Fortnightmare is available as part of a desired reward from Part 2.

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New packs

Step Ciphon – Transfer phase through enemies 11 base loss and healing 6 basis health.

Super Ciphon – Phase Cephen’s healing is growing in 32 base health.

Bug fixes

Fixed a problem where the shining effect on the ninja characters will shine after entering the shadow stans.


Bug fixes

Fix a bug that has left the players even behind your lobby.
It may be due to wrong power level restrictions on missions.

Weapons + items
Candy Corn LMG is now available as a required reward from Fortnightmare Part 2.
A heavy, festive weapon candy-shaped pills with a huge magazine. Targeting sites with a fixed position most effectively on mid-range engagement.
Weapons Pack:
With this weapon, it can help cure candy chicks to eliminate enemies.


Bug fixes

Restoring the guards will be left unusual but unable to shoot or take any action.After the restarted reseller is resubmitted, the hidden, unusual copy behind the guard will not leave.


For her coffin, Vladimir Talker added extra sound for wide voice.
Update Atlantis Victor Film Sound Mix.

Bug fixes

Fixed multiple volume and missing sound issues with Italy.
Fixed mixture of lease music with a wide range of music prevention.
Fixed audio playback issues with the flamegrill network.
Fixed issues with frontend award music are not playing continuously.
Do not trigger fixed audio issues with active audits.


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