Posting vibrant photos and engaging videos to Instagram is the much-liked activity of every Instagrammer all day long. As Instagram has playful features that compel its users to stick to it. In fact, it is a platform where you can share your life moments with your followers, family, and pals. You can make your photos more bouncy and worthy when you use filters with them.

Instagram is a visual-based social network where you see each photo get the hundreds of thousands of likes in a day. It means you also do the same to get millions of likes each day and have thousands of followers on your Instagram profile. Hashtags are a must have a thing when you post your content on Instagram. Whether you are going to post photo or video on your profile, using Hashtag (#) make your post more searchable. But you have to think about how to use hashtags with your posts.

Either use only relevant hashtags that are most relevant or use all 30 hashtags to improve the visibility of your posts. When you are going to post either photo or video, you need to know that you can get likes, followers, without having hashtags with your posts. You can entice your audience and get millions of Instagram likes by using some ways. Luckily for you, we have gathered some ways that can help you to get more likes without using hashtags. Let’s get into it!

Here are some ways to increase your Instagram likes without a plenty of hashtags:

If you are looking for real likes then look no further, use the following ways to create the buzz.

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Use Filters:

Instagram filters are one of the best ways to capture the attention of more people. People prefer to use the filter with their post photos. There are some Instagram filters that Instagrammers love to use like Valencia, Earlybird, Hefe, Rise, and X-Pro II.

Experts suggest that use dark colors with your posts. For this purpose, use the enteral app.  Most of the people use dark colors i.e. pale blue and green. It is likely to get more likes than warm color shades such as red, orange, and pink.

Go on a liking spree:

If you want to get more Instagram likes in a short period of time then go on a liking spree.

Find the product-specific profile and like and follow them as well. If you follow 100 accounts, you can get average six followers in return.

Visual appealing photos:

As know, Instagram is all about visuals. If your photos will be more visually alluring then there are more chances that you get more Instagram likes. People want to see beautiful photos on Instagram.

Take appealing photos and post them on your profile. For example, if you are in beautiful buy instagram followers places such as on beach or hill station then share this photo on your account with the good caption. Also, make it more appealing by using good filters and special features of your camera.


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