According to a report published at the end of this week, the North Korean missile program is still alive.
Strategic and International Studies for Central experts (CSIS), a Washington, DC, defense and national security think tank, publish images of commercial satellites, which show that a missile base is called Sakkanmol which is worth And is active He reported that the base has not only been destroyed, but they have identified only 13 such as, and that the total number can be up to 20.

It seems that President Donald Trap has claimed November 7 that North Korean nuclear talks will continue and the results will be created.

Trump said at a news conference that “We are very happy how it is going to be from North Korea.” “We think it’s getting well. We’re not in any hurry. We are not in a hurry. The restrictions are continuing. The missiles are closed. Rockets are closed. The hostages are at home. The great heroes are home.
(Reports on ongoing negotiations are also on the controversy.)

Trump has repeatedly said that his administration’s diplomatic efforts have ended the risk of North Korea after meeting with Kim Jong-N in June. “Now there is no nuclear threat from North Korea.”
North Korea has pushed similar stories with partially (but not completed) to eliminate the people of this Sui Satellite Launching Station.
The CSIS report tells a very different story.
According to the authors of the report, North Korean missiles are very different from the Americans, which can be considered. No hidden slices are available with the open door in the corner area. There is no central underground land where young army personnel have directed the attack on computer screens.
Instead, the North Korean missile base is basically a site for service and maintenance of a missile and a hidden fleet of trucks.

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The responsibility of the plans of North Korean fighters, the authors wrote that the enemy fighters attempted to quickly remove the country’s fleet and missile missiles. Therefore, missiles ride on the back of the truck through underground tunnels. These trucks are ready to make a piece on open roads during a moment in a moment notice.

On this occasion, each truck will run on an initial launch site – usually not more than cleaning the flat with the edge of the road, a missile fire, and then fire again on another site.

Succulent, researchers showed in their satellite images, just for such operations. It has hidden, safe tunnel buildings with missile, hosting facilities, agricultural buildings and seven departments. Right now, it is equipped with short-range ballistic missiles to target South Korea, but it can “accommodate a wide range of middle-class ballistic ballistic missiles” to threaten a wide area. Missiles on this site are not necessarily nuclear, but they can be very equipped.


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