US President Donald Tampamp says a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin has been canceled after a marital dispute between Russia and Ukraine.

Mr Trop told Washington Post that he was waiting for a “complete report” after Russian ships and captured three Ukrainian boats on Sunday.

Both the leaders are due to meet at the G20 Summit in Bonus Airlines this weekend.

Meanwhile, the United States has urged the EU to act mostly for the support of Ukraine.

State Department spokesman Heather Nottott said Washington wants to enforce strict sanctions against Russia.

What did Donald Trump say?

He told Washington Post that the report about his national security team would be “very important”.

“Perhaps I will not meet Mr Putin. I will not even meet. I do not like this aggression. I do not want this aggressive.”

National Security Advisor John Bolton told reporters, both of them are determined to discuss security, arms control, and issues in Ukraine and the Middle East.

How is the crisis going?

Russia’s beaches opened fire on Sunday, which resulted in two Ukrainian guns and a tig from the Kyrgyz coast in the Kyrgyz coast, facing Russia in 2014. In this incident more than twenty Ukrainians were detained and at least three were injured.

Ukraine declared it as “aggressive act” but Russia said ships have illegally entered their water.

A commander of the court later ordered that 12 of the Ukrainians are being arrested for 60 days. The court has expected Wednesday to release decisions for the remaining soldiers.

FSB Security Service has released some men’s videos later described. One of them, Paraguay Pieru, said he was aware of the “provocative nature” of Ukraine’s action.

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Another, Andrey Dutch said he was sitting on the gun with Orissa to order Merpol to seal.

“We were warned by the Russian Federation’s border service that we are violating Russia’s law,” he said. “They repeatedly asked Russia to leave the Federation Federation’s regional water.”

The Ukrainian navy commander, Iran Vednikenko, told the Ukrainian TV that the men have misled the strong statements.

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“I know these novels from Nicole,” he said. He is always honest professionals in his honesty, and what he says is not right. “

Väll Riskkuk, Ukraine’s head of the Ukrainian SBU security service, confirmed that Russians confirmed that the members of the service were on the boat on the board, but added that it was a “anti-counter intelligence mission”, as the Russian Navy regularly Worked.

How did Ukraine react?

On Monday, the Ukrainian Parliament decided to implement President Marshro Porschekko’s martial law for a 10-day period in 10 border areas November 10.

On Tuesday, President Porschekko said Russia had a “full-scale war” threat.

“The number of [Russian] tanks has increased three times in the bases near our border,” he said.

Russia’s five border areas in Russia, Russia, are close to the broken transit of two Maldives, where Russian soldiers are deployed. The other three areas have been moved to the Black Sea or the Mediterranean border near Crete.

What is the opinion?

US Secretary of State Mike Pomp said that the clash of Ukrainian ships is a “dangerous increase and violation of international law”.

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Ukraine condemned Russia’s “uncontrollable attitude in the region and the continuing violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty”.

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said “Ukraine has deliberately ignored the peaceful sanctions in the Russian Federation’s regional sea.”

His spokesman said Mrs. Merkel emphasized the need for “anxiety and negotiation”.


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