(Reuters) – Apple Inc. on Tuesday returned a few of its products in New York event, which has improved the iPhone IPP with improved identification and fast processors and Mac-Mac computers. I do not have the main update. In years.

Captain, California, the company introduced a new version of the IPP Pro, its top-end tablet, which competes with the Microsoft Corp Level, with thin Basilas and more screen space, Apple’s new iPhone Is found on the phone.

Apple said a new version of MacBook Air, which was originally released in 2011, will offer a high resolution display and thin seed and will start $ 7,199 to kill shops on November 7.

The company also said Money Money, a small desktop client, offers its display and accessories, will feature more processing power and memory capabilities and start at $ 799.

Apple introduced new iPhone and Apple Watches in the previous month, but sales of the current product in the recent financial quarter sold $ 45 billion. In comparison, iPhones took $ 141.3 billion in revenue.

Mika Kassova, a senior principal investigator of Guardian, said, “They really want the world to forget about IPP and Mac.”MacInline needs to be promoted.

In July when Apple reported its latest quarter, the company had the worst quarter of Mac-Macch sales since 2010, this year, this unit had reduced by 13 percent. And a year ago Microsoft unit sales were only one percent, and both the previous year’s revenue was 5% lower than last year.

But Microsoft’s sales of some Microsoft sales were sold, which are awaiting issuing new taxes till July, when their June was presented in the past years. More widely, Mac’s sales growth has removed the PC market and is the most successful tablet in the market market, which was smaller than Apple when it was instrument in 2010 in the tool.


While Apple has reduced prices on some items, such as school admission level IPs, analysts are expected to raise or raise prices for their new laptops and desktops.

Especially with Mac laptops, users quickly use phones or tablets for tasks and only replace a complete computer when they require additional horses. Analysts said Apple failed to cut the corners to reduce the cost level laptop cost.

Carolina Melney, an analyst analyst of Apple said, “cheap” is the most expensive. “Apple is likely to choose the value” where you do not feel that you can break the bank, but you do not feel that you understand your experience. “


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