School officials have confirmed that a mess at Duke University had dedicated victims of the shooting of the Pittsburgh hall.University President Vincent Price welcomed the Duke’s East Campus Bridge memorable, which was “anger and anger”.

“This must be located in a clear, public place in Duke,” we said. In a letter to Price Paris community Monday, a price should be of grave concern for all of us.

According to Associated Press reports, students often use Duke’s East Campus Bridge and below tunnel. Last month, Jehovah’s students made a memorable place for the Pentecost’s worship place, in which 11 people were named in black paint. The students also included a Gold Star David and the phrase, “We should make this world in love,” in Hebrew and English.

Red Sustainer painted directly on Star David :

Olinia Leon, who had helped paint painting of a real monument, told Duke’s student newspaper that he was disturbed by Vandalism.

“I just separated.” I started crying, “said Leon to the clinical on Monday. “I did not know how to react, because I was very angry about it.”
The price says the school “will continue to provide additional security” at the center of Duke’s Jewish life. Organizers have also planned to install security cameras near the East Campus Bridge, which says the “unfortunate hate and intimidation are threatening to become a focus for those people.”

The Chronicle reported that a student in a school building constructed a school in October in a suite at a bathroom door. During Halloween, pumpkin kilometer with a sastastika was found in the campus.Duke’s public affairs department told the huff post in the email that this week was found red sweetsic in the Middle Campus Bridge. There was no update in this school that was responsible for vendalism.

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In Duke Vendal-anti-anti-Semitic events comes across a peak report across the country. Sostecas, an ancient symbol shared by the Nazis, has been seen at college camps in recent years, and is used to destroy Jewish graves and worship places.The Counter-opening League recorded 204 anti-military events on college campuses in 2017, more than 108 in 2016. In 2017, Woods had a total of 114 reports on college and university campuses.

A division of the University’s Department of Affairs Affairs wrote about Jews’ life in a Jewish foundation in a Jewish foundation that some students attacked “under attack” after the incident on Campus. But the department emphasized the students to remain strong.

“The hatred work wants to find fear in us like this and wants to divide us. We are here to say that the fate painter of Sustainer, a person who darkened the graveyard of violence while covering darkness. Used for and after pile: we are not afraid of you, “the department wrote on Facebook. “We are a community of power, utility, creativity, and love.


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