No matter whatever assets a person possesses, it is very important that they are kept in utmost security. Often it becomes very hard to look after everything at the same time. A person or an organization has to hire a security officer in order to ensure that everything maintains a proper shape and the intruders are kept away from the assets. Β A need for a security guard is multidimensional. Whether it is a person or an organization, the need for a security guard is inevitable. People can hire verified candidates easily & fast with Just.Jobs, a free job posting site.

Why do You Need a Security Guard?

You need a security guard for multiple purposes. If you own assets like a house, where you may or may not stay, you will need one. A security guard will be needful to you if you own a business organization. There can be a number of places which can demand a security guard in a single organization.

Organizations especially banks, schools, colleges and offices demand a security guard to be posted always on spot. It becomes very important for these kinds of organizations to have a number of security guards always appointed in front because of these organization deals with money, jewels, books and several important documents.

The security guards can be either armed or unarmed according to the places they are posted on. Higher the level of the security, the higher the priority of the guards will be.

Each organization hires guards according to their needs. There are some other kinds of security guard jobs too. In the following segment we will discuss the various kinds of security guards:

Unarmed Security Guards:

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This type of security guard is the most common one. The responsibility of an unarmed security guard is to be present at the site wherever needed in a given period of duty time. Their site for the job can be of a property or a business site. The main work they should do is to patrol the whole area physically. It is also their duty to look after any electronic devices if present in the place. Unarmed security guards are able to take rapid action against any kind of threats. If a security guard is present in the site, intruders will give up the plan to carry out any criminal activity at the site.

Armed Security Guards:

The main difference between an armed security guard with an unarmed is that they come with the training of carrying a weapon. The duties they deliver are just the same as the unarmed one. They are appointed to guard a place which needs higher priority of security. There will be the least chance of criminal activities if a security guard carrying a lethal weapon is present at any site. It is better to post an armed security guard where there is really a need. Banks, jewelry shops, shopping malls are some examples where armed guards can be useful because a chance of combat encounter with the criminals is always there.

The main disadvantage of hiring a gunman is that it is more expensive than the unarmed one. The reason them being more expensive is for their training costs.

Corporate Security:

These kinds of security guards are hired by various corporate companies. They are trained in a special way to effortlessly carry out both the traditional duties of security and the work to smartly secure the data related to the corporate business world. The main quality a man needs to be a good corporate security is sheer smartness. While carrying out the work of securing the total organization, a corporate security also needs to clarify and restore any technical disputes as far as possible. They also should carry out a smart appearance as his environment demands.

Personal Security: Why a Person Needs It?

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Every person does not need to hire personal security guards. It is a type of security which VIPs and eminent personalities need. Personal securities should have the qualities to take account of the profile of a person with whom they are appointed with. Often, it is not one personal security that takes care of the VIP rater a group of securities does the work collectively. So, one of the main quality of the personal security would be to work in coordination with the group.

There are some sub-variants of personal securities according to their job profile:

Armed Personal Securities: Β Armed personal securities are just like armed security guards but the only difference being that they are smarter and well-equipped guards. The armed personal securities are often allotted duties with the Prime Ministers, other ministers, army officers of higher ranks etc.

Bouncers: Bouncers are a special kind of personal security guards who are appointed to ensure security to the persons like celebrities, film actors attaining an event. The special kind of quality that every bouncer is mandatory to have is a strong and well-built physique. The physic is the only thing which names them β€˜Bouncer’. Event management teams often hire bouncers whenever they need.

Qualities of a Good Security Guard

There are some qualities a person should have while opting for the job of a security guard. There are many job vacancies for the people who have good qualities. The organization hiring them should also look into it that a person is having these qualities while appointing for the job.

  • A security guard should have Sheer Intelligence
  • A fit and fine physique is also needed for a security guard
  • A security guard should always be keen and dedicated towards his duty

When a company hires a security guard they deserve the best in the market. It should always be their priority to choose the best and they should keep in mind the above points while appointing a security guard.


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