A year ago, a wide range of tiles, country’s ceiling, soft sun, and melting readers went to Portugal. Magic, earthquake and first observers forgot their mission to work on the most connected world – but I can never forget it. In addition to Portugal, in search of Portugal, I interviewed the person of the PTSS interviewing Europe’s largest network student information.

Professor Nano Escodero works at the Institute of Polynicio Doo, and is leading PRAXIS, a network where students get opportunities to work in companies and universities. Professor Sciudroro teaches computer science, but during the last five years, he has dedicated the project to the project. PRAXIS is a network that helps students connect to an internal opportunity in Europe. Professor Escuderoro started the process in 2011, because he was the coordinator of student programs in the IPP. He said that how long these students had been for depression, but how difficult these students had to do. Students thought of making a portal to help find insight.


After successful successful European funds, PRAXIS was born. Four four European universities actually participated. The partnership network is still growing, and now there are more than 120 universities around Europe. They are expanding India, a deal with Nepal and the United States expansion plan.

Apart from higher education, PRAXIS is also planning to provide students with secondary education. The Prox team is currently preparing a portal for Professional Education and Training (VET). It should start at the beginning of 2017. These industries are well connected to the industry, and many students want to go abroad to meet their problems for their international skills. Entries range for the entire month for three months, but the majority is up to about 6 months.

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Initially, PRAXIS was offering engineering opportunities for engineering, but now the network has grown around many different fields. Four four were primarily from many technical areas in universities, and the majority came from offering technical companies. These days, now PRAXIS has increased, there are still many technical opportunities, but much more – including technical opportunities in marketing, hotel services, tourism, mechanical, electrical engineering, and aerospace and space engineering. .

I interact with Ivana Slafkovska and Ogo Bresolin, who get their opportunities through students PRAXIS. Ivana is actually from Slovakia, and was looking for marketing opportunities around Europe. They are either considering a square in Portugal, because they already know about the Baltic states before the country. He considered many occasions, paid some of them and settled in voluntary work, and managed to work with Professor Escodero marketing and marketing of social media for PRAXIS.

Prague not only offers practical offers for students, companies, and academics but also provides practical information. For example, students can find a guide to save their dream intrinsic. Tips start out clearly, such as practical operations (“Where you live”, “” Determine industry-specific “), but move forward for promptly promoting applications for interchips. How to finish with the reverse dealing with cultural shock after returning home. On the basis of PRAXIS recommendations, students should recognize their own hands and reach the companies that they like. Here are some of my favorite tips:

1. Pour your social media presence

Before applying for an interview, check your social network presence, facebook etc. You can think it’s your personal place but you have not made security and ideological settings very carefully and able to manage your interconnect company to actively manage them. Your presence. Be careful about the post you posted – Think about what is about future employer’s approach!

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2. Test to win

If you have some companies you are interested in, or just for this matter, first try not to send a letter to your first priority – try running the dummy, see which answer you get. And what happens to your viewpoint But do not miss your struggle – just remember the gate gate (and it is not 100 percent), their strategy is a step closer to the next success in the lines of failure.

3. Prepare for adventure.

International intranets you need to do everything to consider in domestic households as well. An international investment in research and planning requires a large personal investment. For example, you have to consider your budget (reducing travel, adjustment, and costs), legal requirements (such as visas), workout clothes, illnesses and other legal details. Do your research

4. Write things down!

• On your first day, take a notepad and pen / pencil with you so that you can do something important, it’s great to remember very well during your first day and your integration, if not. Short note You can also use a tablet PC or phone, but we tell you that you do not use anything that does not come almost instantly in life, so you are not doing anything else, while someone else Talking to

At the end of our meeting, PRAXIS has partnered with our own Research Age Project Leader, where we pledged to work together to help students find opportunities worldwide. We will work hard to collect the best intrinsic for you, and we are looking forward to getting the best inquiry from passionate students to build their future!

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