Global leader of most effective and reasonable queue managers and crowd control barriers, Q Master offers a perfect blend of functionality and affordability without compromising on quality and safety. Q Master Retractable Belt Post, Rope Post, Velvet Rope and Sign Holder all contributes effectively in controlling and informing crowd and customers in retail markets, hospitals, universities, hotels, airports and numerous other venues.


Simple to install, easy to maintain, elegant and economic on price, all Q Master Crowd control products smoothly manage crowd and maintain queues while building disciplined environment. These effective crowd managers provide friendly and convenient working atmosphere to employees thus enhances service quality which improvises customer experience and satisfaction while building positive brand image of your business.


QMaster is a leading name, providing excellent crowd control solutions in most reasonable price. QMaster’s stylish and solid products simply manage huge crowd at venues where safety and security of visitors is a top priority.

Offering effective crowd management, these crowd control posts, crowd barriers and queue managers lessen the threat of pick pockets, stampede, push and jerks in crowded places. All-in-all Q Master Products are best crowd management options that caters to your need while fitting into your budget.

Our Products Range Include:

Retractable Bet Posts- The retractable belt posts is the most commonly used tool for queue management in public areas. Whether you want to control the crowd at your business place or just want to maintain the discipline in service queues, these belt posts are best to be used in banks, educational institutions, malls, hospitals, reception counters etc.

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Rope Posts– Giving a fancier look than above mentioned belt posts, these rope posts are most commonly used in VIP events and other celebrations. One can also see them at luxury hotels, opening ceremonies, guest entries, events and exhibitions etc.

Velvet Ropes in assorted colors– Used in conjunction with rope posts, the Velvet Ropes are available in various color options and presents very royal and complete look to the existing décor. One can choose the color according to the interiors of the place and they well suit almost any kind of place that needs added discipline and management through these ropes.

Sign Holders in A3 and A4 sizes and Portrait and Landscape– One can either use these sign holders to convey some common message to all the visitors or for advertisement purpose. Available in two different variations, the Sign Holders never fails to catch the attention and thus help you to do handle the customers without any added manual help.


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