In the age of continuous technological development, the world as we know has entered a digital era. Quantum leaps in technological advancement have given a new impetus to digitize everything, therefore making things simple and much more accessible to the consumer.

Online selling and purchasing websites have been one such aspect that has gained a lot of traction because of their ease of use and revolutionizing prospect. From buying and selling delicate products like premium smartphones to unique automobile Spare parts, the online buying and selling platforms have proved to be very efficient and convenient. With that in mind, the following are the top 8 best online buying and selling websites in India:

1. Flipkart

Founded in 2007, Flipkart over the years has proven to be one of the best Indian e-commerce websites for online selling. The platform sells a wide a variety of products including lifestyle products, consumer electronics, and fashion. This platform is famous for its quick delivery service and quick payments (between 7 and 15 days). The platform in 2017 had a whopping 39.5% market share of India’s e-commerce industry.

2. Amazon India

Amazon is the most popular website for online shopping across the world because of a plethora of products with on-time delivery services and the best bang for buck deals. Ever since its entry in India, Amazon has made a name for itself. Launched in 2013, Amazon India received a record 10,000 orders on its first day of operation. The company in a short time has transformed into a behemoth and has challenged the very best in India.

3.  Snapdeal

Another major player in the Indian e-commerce sector is Snapdeal. Launched in 2010, the website currently has a whopping 125,000 brands and retailers across the country. The company has over 75 million monthly visits, 34 billion users and over $1 billion in annual revenues.  The company provides products relating to automotive, fashion, electronics & accessories, mobile & tablets, appliances, home & kitchen, among others on its platform.


Another American brand that is doing well in India, similar to Amazon. The brand on their website offers a variety of clothing options; from the western style of clothing to more traditional style designs. Jabong provides it all.

5. Infibeam

Founded and launched in 2007 by the name of Infibeam Avenues Ltd, the e-commerce giant provides products that include Fashion, electronics, automobiles, digital content, and books. The brand has experienced an impressive market growth over the years, with over 821,139 monthly visits and more than $42 million in annual revenue.

6. Gadgets Now

A relatively new player in the Indian e-commerce industry, Gadgets Now is the perfect platform for technology enthusiasts. The company has over two million monthly visits and more than 13.7 million users. They sell a variety of mobile phones, computers, and other electronic appliances but mobile phones rank as their top-selling category.

7. ShopClues

ShopClues is another famous e-commerce website in India well known for its heavily discounted shopping deals. Founded in 2011, the company over the years has proved to be one of India’s largest e-commerce platforms and have over 28 million products. Their product category includes a wide variety of diversified products that include cameras, Computer accessories, Mobile, Gift, Jewellery, Cosmetics, toys, clothes, books, and a bag.

The website has over 1,847 million monthly visits and over $39 million in annual revenues. Fashion products are the website’s top-selling category.

8. Quickr

Founded in 2008, the Indian e-commerce conglomerate provides services in real estate and general merchandise. The website basically acts as an intermediary as they connect the buyer and seller to make online buying and selling business easy and seamless. The website has over 26 million monthly visits and over 14 million users. Quickr also generates over $24 million in annual revenue.

With e-commerce industry on the rise, more and more companies are now joining the digital world of online buying and selling. Considering the ease of access, it provides to the customers who can get a variety of products ranging from ultra-premium electronic products to something as trivial as a bike helmet or cheap kitchen utensils. With the consumer base increasing dramatically it seems that the Indian e-commerce industry has some promising years ahead.   

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