Basically, a trademark could also be a “brand” or “logo” that is simply used to inform apart your product from those of your competitors.

Say it trademark registration otherwise, you can also say it complete registration/brand registration, you may protect your brand or logo by limiting individuals from exploitation an analogous. For e.g. the complete of Greek deity and their tagline merely have a go at it should be a registered complete.

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By trademarking your brand or logo, you are providing it protection as a result of it’s prohibited to use an analogous company or tagline.

Trademark Registration Process

  • Complete a trademark form you’ll fill an easy online trademark form & submit documents.
  • Conduct your trademark search to create sure that particular name filed is out there or not, Trademark Search is dead by specialists.
  • Select acceptable class reckoning on the character of your merchandise, we have a bent to shall counsel the suitable class of the forty-five classes
  • Trademark Application filed we have a bent to supply your Trademark application in 3 days and acquire your selection 69|metallic element|metal} range

Trademark registration completed Your trademark is registered in one.5 2 years if no contestant objects to your trademark application

Benefits Of Trademark Registration

 Legal Protection

You become the legal owner of the registered trademark and a no different person has the correct to use your registered trademark whereas not your previous permission.

No action could also be taken against a 2nd party if the trademark is not registered with the govt. The registered trademark holder can take some action against anyone WHO tries to repeat the trademark with any previous permission.

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Unique Identity

One of the foremost effective qualities of trademark registration is that it helps you to see the singular identity of your company. And no completely different contestant can apply or use your trademark for similar merchandise or services.


A registered trademark can act as Associate in the market and as a result of the owner of the trademark can merely sell, franchise or change it on the contract basis to a distinct party. It creates a type of possession for an analogous.


As a registered trademark brings the distinctiveness to your product, it’ll merely manufacture how of trust, goodwill, and quality inside the minds of your consumer.

Expand Your Brand

unquestionably searchable as a result of it’s out there in government trademark info. It together helps you to induce customary among people that square measure a decent sign for your company.

What Could Also Be Trademarked?

Name a name moreover as personal or cognomen of the human or forerunner in business or the signature of the person e.g, the name Dhirubai Ambani could also be proprietary.

Word A word that may not be directly descriptive of the character or quality of the goods/service. as Associate in Nursing example, Google could also be a word that has been proprietary.

Numbers alphanumerical or Letters or numerals or any combination therefrom. as Associate in Nursing example 555 complete.

Images Image, symbol, monograms, three-d shapes, letters, etc. as Associate in Nursing example the tick inside the Greek deity complete.

Sound marks in audio format. Forex the sound inside the ad jingle


Trademark Registration Steps

Step One: Trademark search (1 day)

There are lots of trademark checker to check the complete availability on the behalf of their customers to create sure that their desired name or vogue has not already been taken. This check well ensures that are not being used & their square measure lowest chances of an objection being raised inside the longer term.

Step Two: Manufacture A Trademark Application (1 day)

Once we have a bent to create positive that your chosen name or vogue is out there & exclusive, we have a bent to send you Associate in Nursing authorization letter that has to be duly signed by you and came to the USA. These letters supply our lawyers authority to file a trademark application on your behalf.

Step Three: Trademark application submission (1 day)

Once we have a bent to receive the authorization letter no knowledge is wrong or partial, our lawyers will file the trademark on your behalf, and you may in real time begin exploitation the ™ image. we tend to get to provide you with with the variability 69|metallic element|metal} application range.

We file the trademark wholly completely different at the central trademark department geographical point or via online. A trademark could also be filed on-line alone by a registered skilled or agent.

Step Four: Trademark Registration (1.5 years)

Once a trademark application is complete, your application is verified by the logos geographical point. the govt. may additionally raise Associate in Nursing objection on if your name virtually like another trademark inside an equivalent class or the name is deemed obscene, hurts nonsecular sentiments.

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In case no objection is raised, the trademark registrar will publish a billboard inside the logos journal. If no opposition is filed by another party within 4 months, the trademark needs to be registered within subsequent half-dozen months.

Throughout this era, we have a bent to constantly provide you with updates with reference to the standing of your application. you may pay the additional fee simply just in case of such objections.

Step 5: Hearing Before Registrar

If the object has been filed on your trademark and additionally the opposition doesn’t settle for as true along with your response, then a hearing may be a command before the registrar. a bent to appoint lawyers (charges extra) to need up your case before of the registrar.


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Not alone this plentiful, we have a bent to together reached the highest offer on and attended the highest details of Trademark registration. Really, LeadingFile are glorious at describing info.

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