Ok, so you have been told that Big Data course and Deep Learning certifications can get you a job. But, did you know that these courses can also polish your technical skills and help you co-start your own company? Well, well, well… if you haven’t been told that you can be the Co-founder and CEO of a startup company dealing in data, you should read this blog.

In this article, you can zero onto the types of businesses that data learning certification can help you to identify and start providing services and solutions for the industry.

Software as a Service

Software as a Service or SaaS with deep learning and data science is a match made in heaven. SaaS and Deep Learning is a powerful combination for testing side projects and understanding how monetization of SaaS platform works. If you are looking to start a SaaS company, nothing can stop you if you have deep learning expertise. This can be an intimidating industry for those who are dabbling and merely leaping based on “work of faith”.  With data science,  you can build an absolute mechanism to focus and compare how SaaS products impact the entire commerce industry. If your idea for SaaS doesn’t work, we trust your data learning skills would come handy to do the S.W.O.T analytics and find the low hanging fruits for easy monetization here.


Untold secrets of the Information Technology are often brought to the open by Data Science. How?

From hidden business intelligence to hidden costs applied from IT risks, data science can safeguard your interests in the newly started business venture.

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It’s often said that Deep Learning is the best possible answer for decision-making but decision-making on what?

Is it about IT costs? Is it about Human resources? Or, is it just about understanding how LEVERAGING Automation can reconcile on your lost opportunities!

Customer Experience

Deep learning has quickly proven to be great assistance in enabling Marketing and Sales teams to deliver on their Customer Experience promises.

It goes without saying that co-starters in the Customer Experience industry are gaining a competitive advantage over other businesses by adopting Deep Learning applications such as Location data, Intent Data, and Big Data analytics. If you are looking to start a CX company for sales, this is a ripe time.

AI as a Service

To make sense of data, every Fortune 1000 company is either leveraging an AI analyst or a deep learning engineer to solve data challenges spread across organizations. CEOs are wielding deep learning certifications to build a data-driven business with advanced analytics.

With the move to the Cloud, AI as a Service has sprouted new opportunities for Global companies to manage their Cloud Contact Centers, unified communications platform and Chatbots with the AI as a Service offering.

Today, both AI and Deep Learning are beyond the hype cycle that most digital landscapes generate across all corners of the business and IT.


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