Lead generation is often not that simple. If you work hard, you will succeed at that. The good thing, you can use your website to get more leads even without spending a lot of money. If you can make you site a magnate for traffic and visitors, it will then become quite easy to get the leads and conversions your business so richly deserves and desires. The focus should be on turning all the traffic to the site into leads for the business with few tweaks to the design. You don’t have to do big changes to the site neither think of structural changes at all levels. There are some design hacks as well which you can use and inundate the site with leads.

Here are some key design hacks to get more leads –   

  Focus on User Experience Design (UXD)

The target of lead generation can never be met unless your website gives attention to user experience. If people don’t find your site worthwhile in terms of experience, you will never be able to get the leads. A good site is one where users have it easy and smooth – from browsing to navigation to search. Every element of the site focuses on adding value to its visitors.

A great user experience has nothing to do with the beauty of the site; it rather is the easy which visitors get while being there. From the layout to colour selection, from buttons to links, everything has to be in sync with the vision to provide a better user experience. Only this will help drive leads to the site.

  1. Keep the clutter to minimum and focus on white space   
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Visitors generally don’t like clutter and when it’s on a website, they know when to leave it, which is rather immediately in most cases. A lot of websites do the mistake of stuffing tons of images, text, videos, which creates visual chaos and make the site chaotic. Such sites often fail to convert visitors into leads as they have noise.


On the other hand, sites that focus on usability more than overloading of content stand a better chance of getting leads. To boost the usability of your website, you need to cut back on the clutter, have more white space and keep the navigation perfect. By working on usability, you will be able to get more leads.  

  1. Have a clear layout and design  

Having a clear layout and design is key to generating more leads. Visitors to your site should find it easy to reach to the information. The focus should be on having a clear and scan-able layout so that visitors can go through it easily and smoothly. A clear layout is not possible unless the content on the site is presented in a user-friendly manner.  


Further, you should try to keep everything short, use bullet points & subheadings, highlight the keywords and avoid using promotional tone and text on the site. The more your site helps visitors the more leads it will be able to generate. That’s why giving attention of the layout and design of the site is more important than you think.

  1. Prefer coding over standard templates

A lot of websites do the mistake of using standard templates which often restricts their potential to get more leads. Templates are indeed helpful as they don’t require coding knowledge, but they are never a viable replacement in the long run. After all, your site’s search engine performance depends a lot on the kind of coding it has for letting visitors do specific tasks.  

Plus, the use of standard templates can adversely affect the usability and SEO prospects of the site. That’s why the focus should on getting the site coded for that purpose so that traffic is there. And unless traffic is there, you just can’t think of generating leads. So, your website design should stay away from using templates and rather hire experts for coding to get great results with leads.   

  1. Give more focus on multimedia content
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Your web design has to be in tune with the changing times around. People today are fond of images and videos, so your website must use them to generate leads in plenty. However, the images and videos used on the site must serve some purpose for visitors else their utility may not be there, and they will fail to generate leads as desired.  

Videos giving information, enrichment to visitors can help get more traffic and videos that are compatible across all devices and browsers will help as well. You can leverage web development India and get images and videos optimized so that their performance in search engines is always better. This is also a strategy top brands use in their designs to give the much-needed boost to leads and conversions.


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