Sitting in our offices in the middle of the day, most of us wonder how it would be if we were our own boss. To that effect, many face their fears and start up their own businesses. Some base their business on their skillset and can start it with just a computer and Frontier service package. But not all businesses can start off the same way. Most require a lot more than just an internet package, and of those, unfortunately, not many achieve success. BY 2018, 44 % of the businesses that were set-up in 2014 had shut down. This statistic is by the National Association of Small Business.

Why do so many businesses shut down? The simple answer is that most people underestimate the skills needed to be successful in business. Succeeding in a job environment, focusing on your own responsibilities is sufficient. The mistake most people make is thinking that running a business can be just as easy. Statistics prove the contrary as true. Running a successful business demands you to be skilled at so much more.

Let’s discuss some of the essential skills required to run a successful business.

5 Vital Skills You Need to Master to Achieve Success in Business

In another study by the National Association of Small Business, they asked participants a question. “What’s the best way to learn more about entrepreneurship?” 51 percent of the participants answered, “Start a company”. While it is true that the best way to learn about entrepreneurship is by actually doing it. However, to improve your chances at success, you should own the following skills.

  1. Problem-Solving
  2. Delegation
  3. Financial Management
  4. Analysis and Planning
  5. Sales and Marketing
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#1. Problem-Solving

Most people tend to disregard problem-solving as a skillset. When in fact, it is the most valuable skill you can have. Even if you had none other, this skill alone is enough for a fighting chance at success. Let’s discuss what problem-solving entails. To break it down into simple terms, you have a problem. This skill would allow you to find the best possible solution, using the resources at your disposal. There are ways you can strengthen your problem-solving skills. Yoga as well as working out are great ways to improve problem-solving skills. The reason is by increasing the blood flow to your brain, you are making it more active. An active brain can usually make better connections that a lax one. Additionally, there are some logic puzzles and problem-solving games that you can try. They train your thought process for better problem-solving techniques.

#2. Delegation

Most entrepreneurs have a lot at stake when they are starting a new business. Their money and reputation for starters. Some are even answerable to investors and stakeholders. Because of this, there is a lot of added pressure for them to succeed. That pressure results in them trying to manage all business operations themselves. Rather than delegating their responsibilities, they believe that they will be able to manage tasks better. This is obviously incorrect. When one a person has too much on their plate, they are bound to fail. By delegating tasks you can free up your time and focus on other aspects of the business.

#3. Financial Management

Financial management entails all the financial activities of your business. If you want to manage your finances effectively, it is best to take some courses in finance first. Keeping an account of your expenses and incomes is easy in most cases, but it is not enough. Financial management entails some rather advanced techniques. You also need to be able to interpret and analyze your financial data. Sometimes taking courses may not enough to qualify you to manage the finances of a company. If that is the case, try freelancing as a means to develop your skills.

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#4. Analysis and Planning

As an entrepreneur, you need to have strong analytical skills to be able to assess situations. One of the best ways to improve your analytical skills is by actively trying to stay observant. You should also go into the depth of how things work. By integrating this practice into your routine, you can increase your analytical skills. Additionally, you need to be able to plan strong marketing, sales, development, and growth strategies.

#5. Sales and Marketing

Every good entrepreneur needs to be a good salesperson. This is a plain and simple fact. If you can’t sell your product or service well, how can you expect your business to grow? Yes, you can always hire staff to meet those sales figures. But how would you know if your business is performing as well as it can? Develop your marketing and sales skills to improve your chances at entrepreneurial success.


It is easy to dream about starting your business, but actually creating a successful one takes some skill. While some businesses can find much success with just a Frontier Internet Plan (+1-844-813-5884) and some tech support, others need much more. Like contracting, some businesses require large teams and spaces to get off the ground. Successful entrepreneurs understand that they need to be multi-talented to make a successful business. Like doctors, most entrepreneurs are always trying to learn new things or further develop existing skills.


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