Among the various gifts of science, computer remains one of the most useful and widely used technologies. A varied range of work from a quick search of an innovative recipe by a homemaker to the most complex office job is done putting the computer to use. The keyboard is like the right hand of the computer system. Without the keyboard, there is no way the machine can work! It can be simply understood as a compilation of electronically controlled switches. As among most of the daily used items, the key board is also subject to “taken for granted”. Let’s look into 5 uncustomary facts about the keyboard.

First, QWERTY layout keyboard is one of the minimal efficient ones. In use for over 100 years, the QWERTY keyboard is researched to be found less efficient when it comes to determining the speed of the typist. The main aim behind setting up of this style was to minimize jamming by breaking up commonly paired letters and placing them on opposite poles in the keyboard. But extensive research have helped find out the shortcomings of the layout and hence the entry of Dvorak and Colemak styles. The former was set to identify QWERTY’s disadvantages in term of typing error consistency and substandard typing speed. It enhances the typist’s speed by 33%. The later aimed to find a better version but without isolating the QWERTY structure. It increases the speed of typing by more than 45%.

Second, while typing fingers travel roughly 1 mile for every 10,000 words. Pythagoras theorem is usually put to use when calculating the distance between two keys. Studies have found the above mentioned figure. There is no doubt about the fact that the figures could show a marked improvement and that would save a lot of time of the working typist.

Third, keyboards different from Latin layout has various layout options too. Korean people may experience Sebeolsik and Dubeolsik layouts. While residents of Arab encounter different layout depending upon whether their keyboard is Mac or Windows based.

Fourth, keyboards are examined revealing 5 times more dirt than a toilet seat. Needless to say the keyboards are designed with numerous buttons. Thus it encompasses various grooves and crevices. The chances of dirt accumulating in these are quite great. Moreover, people highly neglect the adequate keyboard hygiene. With the increasing hours working on the computer it is no wonder that the risk of health hazard are also on a rise.

Fifth, it is possible for hackers to track one’s keystroke. Keylogger can pose a huge threat to the security of one’s computer. Keylogger can be simply understood as a computer program that stores all the key stoke of the user. It can be done either through software programs or though physical plug in. It could extract data and important information stored in one’s system. Thus users must be careful and install some anti keylogger program to safeguard the private and confidential data.

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