Be it a local high school football coach or coach of a national team. Whether it is cricket, football or swimming, coaches are important in all cases. Even they are important in education or as life coaches as well. Is there any common factor in all of them? There are many. Hard work, brilliant mind, analytical skills are few of them. But none of them are as important as emotional intelligence. Coaching and emotional intelligence are inseparable. The better the emotional quotient better will be the implementation of the intelligent quotient and thus the outcome of every action undertaken will be more desirable. But why is emotional intelligence so significant and impactful in the lives of the people? Here is why. 

What is Emotional Intelligence: It is the awareness and control of one’s emotions and empathy to others. Being empathetic with others is a key concept. Previously Intelligence Quotient that is IQ was the measure for successful people, the more the better. But since emotional intelligence has come in to picture it is the emotional quotient or EQ that is getting more priority. And yes, here also the more the better. 

Characteristics of Emotional Intelligence: According to experts there are five major characteristics of emotional intelligence that is self-regulation, motivation, self-awareness, empathy, and social skills. People with high emotional intelligence understand their emotions, strength, and weaknesses. They can control them. They do not take impulsive decisions. They think before acting. They are dedicated to their work, can think logically and separate short term goals for long term benefit. That is why they are quite effective in what they do. As mentioned earlier, they have empathy, they can feel what others are going through, so they become a good judge of people and have excellent people management or handling skills. And because of them, they are socially accepted and they are basically team players. They build and maintain relationships well. 

How Coaching is Related with Emotional Intelligence: Just take a minute and think about what coaches do. They know their strength and weaknesses and plan according to that. They know their emotion what makes them angry what brings joy, they know it perfectly well. And yet they control that. When they show their anger that is calculated and controlled. If they lost the match, they hide the sadness and cheer the team-up. After a win, they control their joy and make preparation for the next match. They are dedicated to their work. Without dedication, they cannot be champions. They feel what the players are going through. Even the miss shot by a player or the joy of winning a medal all is felt by the coach. This empathy connects with the players to bring great relationships. 

If you learn the coaching skills you will learn emotional intelligence. It will help you in your life, both professional and personal. So, learn from great coaches as they can change your life as well and for the better.

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