The art of the persuasive essay is to accomplish the difficult task of convincing somebody to change their point of view. It’s not easy to do this, which is why every base needs covering in one of these assignments. This is why persuasive essay topics must warrant an extensive amount of research. Not only does every student in America who attempts one of these assignments have to elucidate their own argument, but they also have to take into account the opposing side and explain why it’s incorrect. These two tasks together make this one of the most complex papers to obtain a high mark on.

Understandably, with such a high level of research, you guarantee yourself a greater chance of success if you have an interest in the subject. An interest in the subject means you can uncover the information you wouldn’t have otherwise thought of. You’re not going to become bored whilst your head is buried deep in the books. And you might even enjoy it. All of these things combined together are the sort of criteria you need to meet when choosing your specific topic.

Here are 50 unique persuasive essay topics for you to choose from when your tutor assigns your next paper. However, you can ask paper writing service to help you with any topic!

  1. Wearing uniform is an outdated concept.
  2. Colleges should pay their students for playing for their sports teams.
  3. Elderly people shouldn’t receive special privileges.
  4. Education should be free at all levels.
  5. Community service is equivalent to slavery.
  6. All students should learn a second language.
  7. The voting age needs increasing.
  8. The legal drinking age needs increasing.
  9. Smoking should be illegal.
  10. Students shouldn’t be allowed to drink.
  11. Immigrants shouldn’t be allowed to drive.
  12. Immigrants shouldn’t be allowed to own their own homes.
  13. Government should own all property.
  14. Should seat belts be compulsory?
  15. Will paper textbooks be replaced by eBooks?
  16. Every student needs to have work experience before graduating.
  17. Do schools have an obligation to fund themselves?
  18. School diets need to be healthier.
  19. Gym is pointless and needs abolishing.
  20. Female and male sports should have the same importance.
  21. All violent video games are dangerous.
  22. Video games should be banned.
  23. Male and female students need segregation to ensure success.
  24. Immigrants should have the same rights as native people.
  25. Immigrants should speak the language of the country they settle in.
  26. All people should be given the right to strike.
  27. Is explicit language a problem in schools?
  28. Downloading movies and music online should be illegal.
  29. Are student athletes really that important?
  30. Should society display more religious tolerance?
  31. Students should be allowed to display their faith in schools.
  32. People are equal regardless of their political beliefs.
  33. People are equal regardless of their religious beliefs.
  34. The founding fathers of the United States were hypocrites.
  35. Fast food brands shouldn’t be allowed to advertise on television.
  36. Gambling isnt dangerous.
  37. Online gambling should be given free rein to do as it pleases.
  38. Libraries should be free of mobile devices.
  39. Do all religions need equal consideration?
  40. Religion is a private matter and shouldn’t be displayed in public.
  41. Las Vegas needs more regulation.
  42. Celebrities arent entitled to any privacy.
  43. Every country needs to have a free and unbiased news broadcasting system.
  44. Veterans deserve extra privileges.
  45. Racism is still a major problem in society.
  46. More social housing is needed.
  47. Teachers should be paid based on their performances.
  48. All children should be tried as adults.
  49. Prisoners shouldn’t be allowed to vote.
  50. Poor people are poor because of their own actions.
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