Hey! Are you trying to set up a media center?
People looking forward to setting up a media center and streaming their media files often end up in a confusion – “which one to choose – Plex or Kodi?”

What is Plex server?

Plex server is a streaming media server that allows the user to access music, videos, and other media files. It is a server-based program that works on every device integrated with a client-side Plex application.

What is Kodi?

Kodi, on another hand, is a streaming media software that works on every device with supported addons and other plugins. Like Plex, Kodi is also integrated with multiple features that allow users to stream the content over the web.

Which one do you think will be a good option?

Some people prefer to choose Kodi while some people find the Plex media server more effective. However, if you look for the reasons you will find Plex seedbox is more fruitful than Kodi.

Won’t believe?

Here, in this blog, we have presented you with a detailed analysis that says Plex servers are more productive than Kodi.

Let us have a look.

  1. The storage location: The storage location of the media files is the most significant reason for Plex being better than Kodi. Both the server make use of metadata to display the media files with a better outlook. Now the question is – where this metadata is stored?
    Plex server stores the metadata on the central server, streaming the media files to any kind of client devices. However, these client devices must have a Plex application installed to access the media as well as the metadata.
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The best thing about this is even if you are using multiple devices you will have a single database at the central server.

On the other hand, Kodi creates a separate database for separate devices, making the overall service a bit complicating.

  1. Device compatibility: Plex seedbox works on a central server where it creates a single database for a multiple of devices. Whereas Kodi though working on multiple devices, creates separate database for separate device.

    So, which one would you think will be more compatible according to you?

    Obviously, the Plex server. And that’s the reason why people love to use Plex for media playback instead of Kodi.

  2. Transcoding options: Since both Plex and Kodi are media servers, both of them have the facility to play media files on TVs, mobiles, desktops or any other devices. In fact, for both the quality remains the same.

    Then, what’s the difference?

    The difference lies in transcoding options. Transcoding is defined as the digital-to-digital conversion of the file formats that are used for movie data files, mp3 files, or other media files.

    When it comes to transcoding, it is the Plex server that wins the game. The seedbox server does this in a superior way. Compared to Kodi, these servers can handle media files very smoothly, without creating any mess.

  3. Sharing of files: Plex server is always termed as the best software in sharing media library files. Here, the media library is accessible to any device, as it is connected to the central server.
    The media files like videos, songs, etc. therefore by default gets shared to all the members whoever have logged in to the account. You will unlikely to find this interesting feature in your Kodi.

    However, recently this feature is introduced in Kodi. But it has failed to beat the Plex at the same level.


Although Plex vs Kodi is the latest buzz in the online streaming community, the library management technique, the ease of use, and other features have compelled the media server users to switch over to Plex rather than sticking to Kodi. The combination of the streaming media server with a remote server is something amazing.

Here you don’t need to download your media file on the seedbox followed by to your device. The Plex server allows you to play your media files directly on your browser. However, the other option is also available. What a great invention! Isn’t it?

So, are you still using Kodi for streaming your media files? Won’t you think you must take the leverage of the newly designed Plex seedbox?

Upgrade your server with the latest version and start enjoying the media.

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