Getting a trademark is an essential part of doing business in a competitive market. But before getting started with the procedure for trademark registration in Turkey you need to keep some things in your mind.

For starters, you don’t have any idea how long would it take to get trademark registration Turkey or whether you are capable enough for getting a trademark.

To answer some of these commonly asked queries, we are presenting you with some facts that would help you understand the details regarding trademark registration.

Time frame for application approval

Usually, the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office function efficiently without any delay in the registration procedure. If there is no interruption in the form of opposition filing then your application will get approved within 4 to 5 months.

Power of Attorney

It is significant to keep in mind that in order to file for a trademark registration you will require a power of attorney. However, you do not need to notarize or apostille for the said power of attorney.

A duly signed scanned copy of the attorney is sufficient enough for filing your trademark registration application.

Check similarity before filing

If you are concerned regarding the similarity trademark existing already then you have the right to request for a similarity trademark check. You can raise your request for a similarity check in the Office for Patent and Trademark registration.

The authorities will run a thorough checking procedure and give you the details of it.

Classify your goods & services

It is significant that in the application, you have clearly classified the goods and services upon which the applicant desires to use the power of the trademark.

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You may take the help of registration agencies for categorizing your goods and services appropriately in your application.

Tenure of protection

Before registering for a trademark you must carry out thorough research. For instance, knowing the term of protection that a trademark guarantees for your intellectual property.

Typically, in Turkey, the tenure of protection for a trademark that is registered is ten years starting from the date of application. You have to renew this term once it has reached its tenure. There is no limitation for the renewal of a trademark.

Online Application

No matter what type of trademark registration you are seeking for in Turkey, you have the ease of online application for filing. You can take the help of registration agencies that helps you fill your trademark registration application.

Monitor similar applications from Third parties

It is significant that you keep a thorough track record for a similar trademark application as yours. You can immediately oppose the party who are looking to file for trademark registration that is similar to your registered trademark.

Hence, monitoring trademark applications is significant for you. It is recommended to hire an agency for such a task as they would use expert techniques for carrying out this task.

These are a few of the information that you should look out for before and after your trademark registration in Turkey. These information will help you to have a smooth and trouble-free experience while getting a trademark registration Turkey done.


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