Woocommerce is the best E-commerce plugin for WordPress. You can sell physical products or digital products including payment and taxes through this platform. If you have a WordPress site and want to sell your products online, then adding woo-commerce plugin would be the best option for you.

You may think selling is certainly not a major deal. But, more than a million E-commerce stores in the web selling items around the world. How would you ensure that individuals visit your site and check your item? woocommerce google merchant feed makes the job simple for you.


47% of internet users in America use Amazon for looking for any item. If you need to contact your potential buyers, then your item ought to be shown through an enormous number of channels. For that, you need a precise and cutting-edge product list.

Google product feed for woocommerce helps you to upload product feed in your Google Merchant account. At that point your item will be listed on different platforms, for example, Google shop, amazon. So, whenever a buyer searches relevant to your product, it will come up as Google search. It will increase the chances of getting them clicked and know your product.

What is the reason behind using woocommerce google merchant feed?

Woocommerce is showing signs of improvement ending up being increasingly popular. It’s an open-source platform to give you the best E-commerce solution. Aside from every one of the advantages, the additional one is that it’s free to download. You can even now select premium features for expanding your current features.

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woocommerce google merchant feed pro highlights

  • In google merchant feed premium, you can submit different items at a time. It increases the chances of uploading all your product feed impeccably and immediately.
  • If you have an assortment of items and not able to upload them to google merchant centre then you can transfer variable items with a squint of an eye.
  • In the excellent adaptation, you will get the opportunity to get access to the XML file. So, you can indicate product classifications and upload them to google merchant centre.
  • Pro version enables you to access highlighted features. Like you will have the option to submit boundless products along with a variety of product categories. It increases the chances for you to reach potential buyers.
  • In the free version you have to upload products one by one. But in this premium version, you can generate multiple product feeds at the same time.


If you want your product to be listed on the top, then an effective and smart way is to take the help of woocommerce google merchant feed plugin. There are companies which develop e-commerce plugins. So, you can take help of them to increase the chances of your product being sold.


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