When you have a pet in your house, it’s very common that they will fall ill once or twice or may be several times a year. But, the little ones are supposed to be cheerful and full of vibrancy. They should never feel dizzy and gloomy. When you adopt a pet, it becomes your primary responsibility to keep your pet healthy. If you are not aware of it, then you can take the help of an expert vet but in any case, you should make sure that your pet is healthy.

Among all the diseases, your pet gets easily contracted with fleas and ticks especially in warm weathers. If you don’t know how to eradicate them, then it may turn out to be dangerous for your pet.

What are fleas and ticks?

Fleas and ticks are little parasites that live on ingesting blood from your pet. They are so small that you may not notice them sometimes. However, they can make your pet miserable. Before it turns out to be harder for you to control it, let’s have a look at all those treatments available to treat flea and ticks.

 Basic treatment

The simple step you can take to keep your pets away from flea and ticks is that you can apply medicated shampoo or powders to your pet. But if those parasites spread too much then this step won’t make your pet less miserable.

Among all those flea and tick treatments only the topical treatments are considered to be one of the most effective treatments in treating flea and tick. There are some medications available to treat your pet. Let’s have a look.

  • K9 Advantix ii- This one is an effective medication to treat fleas, mosquitoes, tick and lice. Even it can treat biting flies. The medication can be effective within a short time of 12 hours of installation. If your pet is prone to fleas and ticks, then you can use it monthly to keep them safe.
  • Advantage ii- This one can be used to treat lice, fleas and mosquitoes. But this may not be as effective as k9 Advantix ii in killing ticks. The treatment can be effective within 1 hour of its application.
  • Frontline plus- This can be used to kill fleas and ticks. The treatment can be effective within a short gap of one hour after its application. Also, this can kill lice that bug your pet.
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There has been a speedy demand for owning pets across the globe, and due to its excellent companionship for children, it is now emerging as a trend to get the most adorable breed. But, nurturing the breed is not everyone’s cup of tea. You have to keep their health in check as well. There are online and offline stores available which provide all those medications like heartgard plus chewables and credelio flea and tick.

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