1. Create on your site a catalog of free e-books on a topic directly related to the subject of Your site and your products and services. Visitors who come to your site to download these books will see an advertisement for Your commercial offer relating to the same field. 


  1. Make the most informative and useful part of Your site private by providing private access to it. But instead of charging for this access, offer it as a bonus for Your products and services. 


  1. Create a free Bulletin Board on your site. Thus, You will be able to exchange links and promotional materials with site owners who have the same boards on their resources. 


  1. In order to increase the dynamics of the subscription, make a version of the mailing list that does not include text ad units inserted by services. Ideally, it is better to get rid of the services of such services and get your own tool that will allow you to release your newsletter without annoying text blocks. Better use this place for your own advertising. 


  1. Place an archive of previous issues of your mailing list on your website. Place the appropriate subscription forms on the archive pages. This approach to work, of course, will increase your target traffic, and with it — and the number of your sales. Before send email campaign please use online bulk email verification service like Proofy. With proofy you avoid bounces, catch-all, dead emails. You increase email deliverability, save your domain email, enhance the open rate.

I suppose the audience is aware of many nuances in email marketing. Each email inbox has a sender reputation associated with our IP address of the sender. If you have a lot of bounces and spam, it affects our reputation as a sender. If this happens, then at best: your mail will not go to your inbox, at worst: email providers will blacklist your IP or domain, and this is not suitable for business.


  1. Sell advertising space in your products and services. For this purpose, you can use various kinds of coupons, booklets, brochures and other printed materials in the event that You sell a product that has a physical shell. If you trade in digital goods, then everything is even easier. 


  1. Offer your visitors so – called” daily “and” weekly ” prizes and free bonuses. This will automatically increase your returning traffic and sales, as people will constantly return to Your site to receive these prizes and bonuses. 


  1. Offer your visitors who bring their friends and acquaintances to Your site special gifts. Thus, you will contribute to their activity in this area. 


  1. Offer everyone who joins your affiliate program a discount on your products and services. This will increase the number of your sales and the number of partners willing to sell your products and services. 


  1. Invite publishers of thematic mailings, working in the same field as You, to register in Your affiliate program and, placing your advertising in your mailing list, to receive commissions from sales made in this way in the automatic mode.
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