Made with a diversified natural and synthetic fibers, the carpet is the focal point of your home decor. Whatever the style or type you select, make sure to provide a brilliant contrasting design that suits your need and elevate your decor. There are plenty of fiber types and designs of carpet to choose from. Satisfy your personal style and preference for your home flooring and also know the types that might fit your flooring products for a year-long install. Presently, a carpet is affordable, easy to install, inexpensive to maintain, and comes in hundreds of textures, colors and styles. Get the guide to know the best carpet available and make your decision to avail.

Here’s is the guide to know the types of carpet you choose to buy:

  1. Polyester Fiber: For its ability to manage the quality of the surface, the power to hold the vibrancy is one of the qualities of Polyester Fiber carpet. The best feature is that it has got non-allergenic version and sometimes it is made out of recycled plastic bottles to denote an eco-friendly commodity. However, it is not suggestible for the high-traffic areas and voluminous furniture palace Kenya fixtures as it gets flatten due to load.
  2. Nylon fiber: The most popular and durable, this Nylon version is very durable, soft and dirt resistant and abrasion. To restore quality, and keep the maintenance intact, the steam-cleaning is the process for Nylon fiber cleaning.
  3. Polypropylene fiber: Soft as nylon, this Polypropylene fiber carpet is a very similar to natural woolen carpet but has got synthetic woolen substitute making. This is known as the highly stain-resistant feature but susceptible to collect oily dirt, and soiling. In addition to that, it is not as resilient as nylon and thus, installed as the loop-style carpets
  4. Wool fiber: This is the more natural version and thus, looks more luxurious to the eyes. The material is long lasting and has got the softest carpet fiber texture for your decor. It also comes with varied range, and thus, the low version catches more dirt and susceptible to stain. On the other hand, the pricey wool fiber carpet is extremely expensive but there is a diversified range that are being produced with the amalgamation of synthetic fiber for more durability.
  5. Cut Carpet Pile: More of a soft texture, this cut pile carpet is easy to clean and denote classier version to your home decor. This carpet is useful to design as per the structure of your home by altering the shearing angle. However, due to its soft texture surface, this carpet catches footprint, and also dirt composition is much higher than any version. A delicate in nature, and prone it tears and wear if it not maintained properly.
  6. Uncut Carpet Pile: This “Berber pile” or “loop pile” is also known as uncut carpet pile that is built with the help of complete yarn loop intact over the carpet surface. These carpets are highly durable and easy to clean. The main advantage is that, it is resistant to stains and great for high-traffic commercial practice. Moreover, the making of this carpet is very practical for its longstanding texture.
  7. Saxony Cut Pile: This carpet range is susceptible to erosion and can get wear-and-tear easily. This is made out of individual strands that are going straight up and down to develop a fuzzy and lush surface. There is another disadvantage of this style of carpet, and that is, it gets foot impression and vacuum mark over the surface.
  8. Textured Cut Pile: Like any other Carpets in Kenya, this carpet is known for its ‘trackless’ advantage, as it is highly durable and shows no footprints. This is kind of Saxony range of carpets that are highly accomplished to denote to mid- to high-level traffic platforms. This carpet style is also made out of individual yarns that are twisted and spiraled, with the help of heated steam.
  9. Frieze Cut Pile: This kind of carpet is made of individual strands that are securely kinked and twisted, developing them to curl erratically but tightly. The frieze cut pile carpet are durable and popular for its low maintenance and sturdy all across the surface of the carpet, a viable solution for a commercial setting and high-traffic areas.
  10. Plush Carpet Pile: Also known as “velvet cut pile”, this style features as the densely-packed fibers to get the thick and luxurious look of the carpet surface. However, it is short and also designed to furnish the straight margin for a fairly temperamental look. According to the feedback, this is prone to wearing down quickly and also need the utmost care while cleaning. This velvet carpet pile is also prone to showing footprints, and thus, ensure proper cleaning and install in a low-traffic setting.
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An overwhelming experience, the selection of Carpets in Kenya for home is also a very complicated task as there are numerous other factors to consider along with the texture and material of the carpet. Before you shop, look for these styles and tips to ease the buying the process.


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