Nobody wants chaos on a working ground. Whether you have a big enterprise or a budding business, you can never achieve success if you don’t function in a systematic way. However, chaos is a part of doing business.

By chaos, we don’t mean a literal battleground instead, it means various risks and challenges in accomplishing company goals. Accomplishing projects is an essential part of a business. It is not possible to fulfill it without a good team and a Project Manager leading them.

The role of a Project Manager holds an essential position in today’s organization. So much so that there are many training center in Dubai and other places offering PMP training.

You can seek help from the best PMP training institute for excelling in your job role. But before diving in to improve your role as a project manager, let’s discuss the significance of this job role in an organization.

1. Managing chaos

Projects are accompanied by chaos. One of the prime roles of a Project Manager is to tame this chaos. Planning the project out carefully for the team members is an essential job role of Project Manager.

In the absence of this job role, there’s no one to define the plan and without a plan, the end results would be not at all satisfactory. A precise mapping out of the project from start to finish is essential to accomplish the desired goal of the project.

And Project Managers fulfills this responsibility.

2. Motivates team and their productivity

You cannot complete a project by yourself. Therefore, a group of people comes together to form a team that works to accomplish the assigned project.

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Managing and motivating these group of people is essential. Since it is evident that sometimes the work pressure can leave many of the group members distressed. Also, motivation is always appreciable in a team as such.

Being a Project Manager means you are entitled to encourage the team toward attaining the project goal. Plus, you need someone to perform as a team and a Project Manager fills in that role efficiently.

3. Establishing the timeline for the project

Completion of a project does not happen in a day. A lot of function and time is required for the fulfillment of a particular project. Clear planning and maintaining a timeline is essential when you are working on a project.

Scheduling time for a particular job to be done is what you need while working on a project. The maintenance of timeline and allotting different roles to the team member is what the Project Manager does.

Without a schedule or a timeline, your project has higher chances of being delayed. Also, you need more funding to compensate for the lost time. An efficient Project Manager carefully develops a timeline for smooth completion of the project.

4. Controlling cost

A specific budget is assigned to a project and if the budget goes overboard it hampers with the project goal. Some projects require a significant sum of money and sticking to the budget is extremely important in such projects.

Without a Project Manager, the chances of budget overruns are more. One of the responsibilities of the Project Manager includes controlling the budget cost without hampering the end outcomes.

5. Managing quality and change

Quality adds value to what you produce or accomplish. A project manager ensures that the productivity put in by the team members are quality rich. Without quality, you may accomplish the project but you don’t receive appreciation for it. It is of no value.


Additionally, projects occur in a situation where nothing remains constant except for change. To deal with this change is extremely essential. This is where a Project Manager comes in. They help the team to deal and manage with such changing circumstances.

6. Maximizing resources

Whether it is financial or human, resources are expensive entities. Enforcing project management will allow the company to maximize these resources in an efficient way.

Project Managers are responsible for performing risk management and project tracking, this task ensures that all the resources are utilized economically and efficiently.

7. Managing integration

Projects do not get fulfilled in a vacuum. Instead, they are accomplished with the implementation of business processes, organizations and systems. This adds the right amount of value to the project.

Integration of business organizations, systems and processes is of extreme value in project management. Thus, a project manager plays a vital role in channeling that.

So what more reasons do you want? If you have still not realized the value of a Project Manager then you have been living under a rock. Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, the role of Project Managers include more aspects depending upon the company and filed of work.

You can take guidance from the best PMP training institute or PMP training center in Dubai or other places around the world.


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