Aconcagua Trek is one of the most inviting activities among the modern generation. It helps to gain your physical fitness back beside invigorating you from inside. Aconcagua is the highest mountain in the southern and western hemisphere draws a huge number of climbers every year. The routes of this mountain are considered to be easy compared to others. But, still you need to follow some basic safety measurements to mark yourself safe in the mountains. Here you will find those tips to make yourself safe in the mountain.

1.Exercise, exercise and exercise!

While you prepare for trekking, there’s nothing more paramount than exercising routinely. It’s significant that your body adapts to the strain of climbing high altitude. So, follow a proper exercise especially cardio, jog and run as much as you can. Don’t miss out the opportunity of exercise naturally in between your daily activity, for example, taking the stairs, cycle a distance, etc. this will make your body adaptable to the strain caused while climbing.

  1. Healthy food habit

Your body is just a heap of food. It’s important that you intake proper food before you start climbing. Also, make yourself adaptable to the kind of foods you are going to eat in the mountain. Otherwise you may strong intent to come back to your home. While you trek your focus should not be diverted to anything else. Also you should follow a diet that will help you to stay active and healthy in those days. In case if you lack proper knowledge about the food you can consult with mountaineering experts to provide you the diet before climbing Aconcagua.

  1. Mental preparation
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There will be days when you’ll curse yourself for choosing climbing expedition. There will be days when you feel like you can no more trek further. But, you’ve to hold your horses and make yourself mentally prepared before you start climbing. Mountain is not for indisposed ones. It’s important that you make your thoughts and emotion in your control so that they work for you not against you.

  1. Appreciate your efforts

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Trekking should be fun filled. It’s a recreational activity to cheer you up not the one that drains your energy mentally. So, appreciate your efforts every time no matter how minute it is. It’ll boost you up to climb further. You can try some yummy foods to tantalise your taste buds. It’ll not only provide you instant energy but also help you to invigorate yourself.

  1. Acclimatize your body

In the altitude, the temperature won’t be moderate like terrains. So, in the first two to three days, don’t be too hard on yourself. Give yourself time to get acclimatized. Otherwise, it may cause serious health hazard. So, it’s better to take time and acclimatize before starting the journey.


Aconcagua Trek is famous for trekking, beauty, climate, etc. It is the highest mountain in Argentina. If you don’t know climbing, then it’s best to go along with a group or organization. There are organizations which conduct expeditions on a period gap. They have professional and experienced mountaineers who ensure high-end safety of the climbers.


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